Burlington Chamber of Commerce advertising for a new President

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July 13th, 2021



The Burlington Chamber of Commerce announced today that they are hiring, a President and CEO.

Carla Nell

Carla Nell joined the Burlington Chamber of Commerce in July of 2019

Expressions of interest including resumes and covering letters will be accepted by the Chamber until at 4:30 p.m. on July 21st,

At a recent Police Services Board meeting Halton Regional Chief of Police Steven Tanner said that he was in a common law relationship with Ms Nell and had travelled to the United States with her during the Christmas holiday season.

At the time Chief Tanner had obtained permission to leave the country from the then Chair of the Police Services Board Mayor Rob Burton.

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1 comment to Burlington Chamber of Commerce advertising for a new President

  • So the worst kept secret is out six months later, that Tanner went to Florida with his girlfriend, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, which he failed to mention when he spoke of the need to go and sell property. We hear of it (or actually the Police Board hears of it, as if they didn’t all know) only now, as Nell leaves her post. How convenient. I suspect this means she’s about to run for office? I wouldn’t vote for someone who hung out in Florida during a stay-at-home order while the businesses she supposedly cares about were closing and in bad shape. The Halton Police Board and Rob Burton also long ago lost any respect I had for them.