Burlington flicks tickets better deal than in Oakville; seniors get an even better break.

Pension day – the funds are in the bank if you’re using automatic deposit.  If you’re on a fixed income then every dime counts.  Walter Byj, our newest correspondent  has discovered that the theatre prices are better in Burlington on Seniors’ Tuesday.

By Walter Byj

BURLINGTON, ON.  January 29, 2013   Want to see the latest blockbuster movie at a price that feels decent and leaves you a couple of coins for popcorn?  And you don’t know which theatre offers the best deal?  I’ve some helpful tips for you.

Believe it or not, Burlington has better theatre prices on Seniors’ Tuesday than Oakville.

Pricing is not uniform in the theatre offerings. If you want to go to your local (Burlington) Cineplex theatre, know that if you are 14 to 64, the price for a ticket at the Silver City in Burlington is $11.50 while the same ticket is $12.25 at the Silver City at Oakville, a difference of $.75 per ticket.

The pricing for children and seniors is lower, at $8.99, for both theatres.  Those prices don’t apply to Imax or 3D movies.

Some of those first dates were a trip to the movies – for seniors there are deals in Burlington on Tuesday’s.

Perhaps you want to go on a Tuesday night when prices are discounted.  The pricing at the Silver City in Burlington is $6.99 for everyone, while at the Silver City in Oakville the ticket price is $7.25.

If an evening outing is not your style – there are afternoon presentations.   Burlington does not do afternoon screenings except in July and August, vacation periods and school breaks

There are two additional theatres nearby that offer seniors’ discounts.  The Ancaster Silver City where the admission price is $6.99 or to the former AMC theatres located in Mississauga.  They are now known as Cineplex Odeon Winston Churchill Cinemas and the admission price is $7.50.

If you’re taking in a movie at one of the Cineplex locations (we call them Silver City in Burlington and Oakville) and you’re over 14, be sure that you sign up for a Scene card.  It is free and offers a number of benefits.  You will get 250 points when you initially get your card and will earn 100 points each time you purchase a ticket.  Note that if you purchase a ticket for a child, you will get an additional 50 points.  However, if you purchase a ticket with an accompanying adult, you will not get points for their ticket.  Get a separate card for your wife – that way you both get points.  You also earn points on concession purchases along with 10% discounts on movie snacks and 10% discount on Tuesday tickets.

When you reach 1,000 points, you are eligible for a free ticket that can be used anytime.  Go to the Scene web site and register for your card.

There is another theatre in the Burlington/Oakville area that offers good prices: the Encore theatre , in Oakville on Speers Road.  General admission is $9.00 while children and seniors pay $6.50 on a regular basis.  On Tuesdays, everyone pays $6.00.


Walter Byj has been a Burlington resident since 1975.  Raised in Brantford,  a job at Dofasco brought him to the city and he has been here ever since.  Walter “took the package” after 31 years with a consumer products company where his last position was as Sales Operations and Planning Manager.  He serves as a volunteer tutor with the Literacy Council.  Married with two children and the one grandchild, Walter and his wife usually cannot be reached on Tuesday – they’re at the movies.


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  • Patrick Donovan

    Tip – 1000 Scene Points can be redeemed for any Admission Ticket – even VIP 19+ theatre tickets at 3531 Wyecroft Road (off of Burloak Dr) which normally cost $19.25-$22.25 + Taxes.