Burlington GO station elevators to be upgraded - work will take 2 1/2 months

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October 6th, 2020



Good news and news that is not all that good for people with accessibility issues.

Work on the elevators at the Burlington GO station is needed as they reach the end of their lifespan

The work will begin later this month and is not expected to be completed before the end of the year.

The work is to start October 26, 2020.

This will mean some temporary changes for customers at Burlington GO, especially those who require elevator access.

Customers with accessibility needs are able to use the elevators at both neighbouring GO stations (Appleby and Aldershot), GO Transit will also help make alternative travel arrangements for customers.

The brand new elevators will open to customers early next year.

What is happening at Burlington GO?

GO Burlington elevators

Elevators at Burlington GO getting an upgrade – going to take two and a half months to do the work.

While the elevators upgrades are taking place, both the north and south platforms will be not be accessible for customers who need elevator service.

There will not be an accessible route between the north and south side of the station.

The elevator in the parking structure in the north lot will still be available.

I need an elevator, what should I do?

Customers who need an elevator can request an accessible shuttle service which will transfer them between Burlington GO and Appleby GO or Aldershot GO.

To use the accessibility shuttle, customers can register with GO Transit through the Contact Centre.

The current elevators have been running since 1994, so this modernization work is necessary to ensure reliability for many years to come.


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2 comments to Burlington GO station elevators to be upgraded – work will take 2 1/2 months

  • We asked the question expecting action from the City (given the Go Station is in their boundaries and they should be ensuring accessibility) after expressing concern at a public meeting in Councillors presence that additional elevators should be part of the upgrade plan. In Anne`s case she missed a court deadline because she could not get on her train (she went to Toronto Federal Court on her mobility scooter before Dave`s retirement) when the elevators were down. In this day and age no back up plan for when the new elevators go down, as they will is not only ludicrous it is not consistent with government legislation..

  • Maggie Steiss

    Why were the main elevators not fixed properly when they were out in 2018. I know they were out because I arrived on January 2 to catch the first train of the morning to Union Station as I had an early morning flight out of Billy Bishop Airport to Boston. I had a fairly large suitcase, a carry on and a larger laptop bag as well as my cane. I had to carry this up and down stairs, making two trips each way. It was a good thing my arthritis was not bothering me that morning. Coming back a week later I checked when I got to Union and they were still out so I ended up going to Aldershot. The main building is new, how can the elevators be that old? Also why does it take so long to work on them? Will this shuttle cost people to use it and is it available for people with luggage as well as those with mobility issues?