Burlington Green Clean up gathering moves to an outdoor location - smart move.

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April 23rd, 2016


The weather cooperated; the 11,000 people who signed up were still doing so at close to midnight on the Friday for the Saturday event during which those thousands helped Clean Up the city.

There were 181 locations where people were picking up trash recorded.

Instead of the usual gathering at city hall – people gathered at Central Park in front of the band shell where Turtle Jacks once again served burgers to the hungry environmentalists.

BG Outdoor view 2016 cleanup

The gathering after the Clean up took place in Central Park this year. smart move – plan is to hold the get together outdoors every year.

BG proud grandparent - Sharman

This is what a proud grandparent looks like -Councillor Paul Sharman, the only member o Councillor we say wants his granddaughter to look into the camera. The Mayor arrived later to say a few words.

BG singer outfoor cleanup 2016

Music was part of the event – look for additional performers next year.

The decision to move outdoors was a welcome one. There was all kinds of room and while the crowds were not great the move was a wise one.

In time gathering outdoors on the Clean Up day will be the place to be.

BG girl under sign 2016

It was warm enough to be in short sleeves

BG button maker

BurlingtonGreen volunteer makes badges from art work created bu the kids.

There were displays and activities in the library where kids could have their unique badges made and other could colour.

There was a room set up with a video and Vince Fiorito was on hand to show people how to make seed bombs.

There were fewer speeches this year – and that has to be a blessing.

Burlington has to have one of the most impressive turnouts when it comes to volunteering at this significant event – kudos to the BG board for making this happen each year.

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1 comment to Burlington Green Clean up gathering moves to an outdoor location – smart move.

  • Michael Jones

    re.picture above…She refuses to wear a jacket if the sun is out lol everyone else had a jacket…A great event by BurlingtonGreen