Burlington Green has a neat project for children - turning milk cartons into bird feeders

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April 16th, 2020



At a time when parents are looking for ideas and small projects to keep their children active Burlington Green has put forward a neat idea – Put your Waste to Work.

They want to Up-Cycle cartons into bird feeders to help attract pollinators and encourage biodiversity right in your backyard.

BG milk carton projectBurlington Green will demonstrate how to create bird feeders from old juice or milk cartons on Facebook Live. This event is suitable for ages 8+.

When: Thursday, April 16th at 2:00 pm via Facebook Live. To watch, follow the event live on the Burlington Green Facebook page.

Please register for this event here.

Missed the event? Not to worry! You can view the video on our Facebook page following the event.

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5 comments to Burlington Green has a neat project for children – turning milk cartons into bird feeders

  • R Domford

    Fun ideas. But just a heads up- There’s a burlington bylaw against feeding animals as of September 2018. I got in trouble.

  • Allison Thornton

    We did this in kindergarten in circa 1979. Not a new idea, but fun enough.

  • Thanks so much for sharing! We hope you enjoy!

  • Penny Hersh

    Another idea for children could be to make their own fabric masks. These could be made from teeshirts, or bandanas that they have in the home and decorated. There are many videos online showing how to do this without any sewing. Those round elastics that are used for ponytails etc. could be used to go over the ears, and inexpensively available at The Dollar Store.

    I know that wearing a fabric mask prevents you from spreading the disease if you have contracted the virus, but if everyone was wearing a fabric mask, we would be protecting each other.

  • David

    Well done the Greens. Helping nature one kid at a time. I’m a former big city dweller, the wife is the protector of the animal kingdom. Birds and critters come from miles around to dine at our house. Patience is another thing to learn, as apparently wild life don’t work to a schedule.