Burlington Green is pumped! They have set up their offices in the old Pump House

By Pepper Par

July 12th, 2022


Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 / 1:30 – 2:30 PM
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Burlington Green has pulled of a really smart opportunity.

I was tipped off that there was a major news story coming – that was as much as the informant would say.

Then the announcement came out that the Pump House on Lakeshore Road was going to serve as a EcoHub for Burlington Green – what a great idea.

Then I wondered how that came about – put a bunch of questions to Any Schnurr who tried at first to slide by them – a little more poking the near and Any explained.

A significant piece of the city’s infrastructure history has been repurposed – fitting that it becomes the new home for Burlington Green

The city had posted a Request for Proposals i=on their web site.

Someone at Burlington Green immediately saw the benefits for their organization.

The Pump House served as a private residence when it no longer pumped water

They put together a response and the city bought it – and why not. The Pump House is a significant part of the city’s infrastructure history. At one point that location pumped all the water Burlington needed to households across the city. Burlington was probably a town when all this happened.

The building underwent some major upgrades – the roof was replaced and some of the architectural features were given some help.

The inside was basically bare – running water and heat.

The basement is dry – for a building that close to the lake to have a dry basement attests to some solid construction work.
The city then put out proposals and found a woman who wanted to set up a beach xxx operation. You could rent chairs, umbrellas, paddle boats. It was a good idea but when Covid19 shut down the city it wasn’t viable – rent had to be paid and there were no customers.

The building was empty – again.

This is one of those win win situations. A part of the city’s heritage was being put to good use and an important part of the city’s not for profit community had a new home.

The current pumping station and water treatment plant are just across the road.

Hopefully Amy will learn from this experience that getting as much information as possible out as early as possible is part of being transparent and accountable.

The Mayor will apparently cut a ribbon – we thought she might go for a swim.

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1 comment to Burlington Green is pumped! They have set up their offices in the old Pump House

  • Sonja Koster

    This is a good news story but I am disappointed and annoyed that your 3rd paragraph from the end was negative about Amy not being transparent!!!
    Sonja Koster