Burlington is going to be enticed to take part in the Hamilton bid for the 2026 Commonwealth Games - the Paletta's will be with her

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 22nd, 2020



We are going to hear a lot about the 2026 Commonwealth Games and the bid Hamilton is making to have them held in that city.

The original Games were held in Hamilton in 1930 – known then as the British Empire Games.

The Empire no longer exists and if the Games do come to Hamilton for 2026 there is no certainty that there will even be a Commonwealth.

But we digress.

Back in May the Commonwealth Games Federation asked the Hamilton contingent to consider a bid for 2026 because it likely wouldn’t be challenged.

Early logoThat got the Hamilton people changing gears and getting really serious – even though the number to pull this off is set at $1.4 BILLION – much of which would come from the federal and provincial levels.

Mayor Meed Ward is meeting with top level lawyers at Gowlings in Hamilton where she will chat with the Paletta people about how Burlington can be part of the pitch that is being made to get the games to Hamilton for 2026.  No word on whether this is to be a virtual meeting or in the Gowling Board room that is big enough to let everyone sit six feet apart.

Bronte Creek Meadows - Paletta

Bronte Creek Meadows: Zoned as Employment – would an Olympic Village qualify?

The Paletta’s have significant property interests in Burlington – some of which are zoned as Employment Lands – what if there were a Games Village on the Meadows on Upper Middle Road where it turns into Burloak.

Bronte Park is right across the street – can you see the picture that is developing?

The Mayor will be meeting with Louis Frapporti, Managing Partner at Gowlings and a huge believer in all things Hamilton.

It will be interesting to hear what the Mayor has to say at the September 28th City Council meeting.

Now if the Mayor would get into the habit of holding regular media events we could put the question to her.


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5 comments to Burlington is going to be enticed to take part in the Hamilton bid for the 2026 Commonwealth Games – the Paletta’s will be with her

  • david barker

    All so immediately negative ! Is there not a huge potential for Federal and Provincial cash infusion for lasting infrastructure ? Of course the Mayor and Council should investigate the possibilities. They would be delinquent if they did not.

  • Stve G

    The chosen venue, city with the winning bid, won’t be the lucky one.

  • Eve St Clair

    How about a big ” No” we are all struggling financially thanks to Covid . Move on

  • Howard

    That is a big can of worms. Was there a council direction to pursue this?

  • Kevin Gonci

    Perhaps the City of Burlington would be willing to host this event as the vast majority of Hamilton residents want nothing to do with it, we have other priorities at the moment and “playing games” are not one of them.