Burlington office set up loses the word “service”. Their tenants lose their office digs.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON. ON.  June 4, 2013.  Boy there is really something wrong with parts of the corporate world.

Regus, the office services operation on Brant Street decides to give up the Burlington operation and advises their tenants that the doors will close at the end of August.

James Burchill has succeeded in pulling together more than 1000 entrepreneurs and smaller business operators who meet monthly. The Mayor’s Chief of Staff will be talking to his group about what appears to be an office space problem for this sector.

These things happen.

Most of the tenants are small operations requiring a couple of hundred square feet – but with enough of them you have a viable business.

Regus has operation around the world so you think they would know how to shut down an operation with a minimum of damage to both their clients and their corporate image.

Afraid not.  The Mayor’s office begins making calls trying to help.  Their phone calls to Regus don’t get returned but they did answer some email.  (Isn’t it amazing how scummy companies hide behind their email addresses?)

Both the Economic Development office and the Mayor’s office ask if they can get a list of the tenants and let them know what they are trying to do.

Regus fails to co-operate.  OK – so there might be a privacy issue – but Regus, as a sound corporate operation could have offered to forward a message from the Mayor’s office.

Nice furniture – lousy service.

Nope – they don’t do business that way.   Remember that if you find yourself looking for an office somewhere.

The Mayor’s Chief of Staff will be attending the Business in Burlington Meet up Wednesday evening (5 to 7 at The Ivy on south Service Road) to give a quick update on what they are trying to do.

Small space opportunities are at a bit of a premium in Burlington – especially in the Downtown core, which is where a lot of the smaller entrepreneurial types like to be.  Opportunity here for someone.

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2 comments to Burlington office set up loses the word “service”. Their tenants lose their office digs.

  • Stephanie

    “Regus, the office services operation . . . advises there tenants that the doors will close . . .”

    Please correct “there” to “their”, or more correctly, to “its”.

    Editors note:
    Done and thank you for advising us. Appreciated.

  • Robin May

    Any displaced businesses should check out Signature Business Centre at 4545 North Service Rd, between Walkers and Appleby. I rented an office there for two and a half years, and was very happy with the arrangement. The owner, Larry, will make sure they are well taken care of!