Burlington property prices were up by 9.2%, year over year. Put's the P in prosperity doesn't it!

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January 1, 2016


The Rocca Sisters paint a pretty clear real state picture of Burlington and surrounding markets. The average property price increases for Burlington are impressive indeed.

BURLINGTON: November results pretty much followed the same pattern as the rest of the year. Prices were up by 9.2%, year over year for the same period – the exceptional neighborhood being Aldershot where a number of million plus properties finally sold resulting in an average price of $827,000, 23% higher than the same period last year. There were considerably more listings – up by 13% but sales are down slightly, year over year. This is explained by a disproportionate number of properties listed at prices that do not reflect market value. For those properties that are listed at the correct price, there is still a very strong demand and in those cases, we are still seeing sellers’ market.

OAKVILLE: Very interesting market conditions in Oakville. Huge increase in sales and decrease in days on market which should theoretically result in substantial increases in prices paid. Not so in Oakville. What does this mean? It appears that Oakville is experiencing a balanced market. There is enough supply to meet demand.

MILTON: The complete opposite of Oakville – both demand and supply are rising but it appears that demand is winning the race. Over 30% of all homes sold achieved asking price or more. Milton is experiencing a seller’s market and will very likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

HAMILTON: Once again, a major concentration of sales in the Hamilton East and Hamilton Central which continues to support our mantra for investors – follow the GO! Overall, Hamilton’s sale prices continue to show increases of just over 6% which is a significant change from earlier in the year when we were seeing double digit increases. It appears as though supply is catching up with demand for the time being. Condo sales are definitely on the rise in Hamilton.

Where else in the Greater Toronto area can you buy a condo for under $200,000? While condos are selling at record numbers, values remain fairly flat with just a 2.9% increase, year over year.

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1 comment to Burlington property prices were up by 9.2%, year over year. Put’s the P in prosperity doesn’t it!

  • walter

    Perhaps Oakville is not experiencing a balanced market but rather the new influx of homes built north of Dundas Many of them townhomes) has averaged the price of homes downwards.