Burlington TAXI 'needed' to close their service.

By Staff

November 24th, 2021



Burlington Taxi, in a city media release, “need to close their doors, ending this taxi service effective Friday, Nov. 26, 2021 at 5 p.m.”

Other than thanking the company for the service they provided – there is little else in the way of information.

This is what it came down to. Uber won

As one of Burlington’s main taxi services, Burlington Taxi was a key member of our business community and has been a valued contributor to our local economy and connectivity for more than 50 years. They provided a much-needed service to residents.

Staff have been working on amendments to the bylaw to facilitate the temporary transition to another taxi service and will present this to Burlington City Council at the earliest opportunity.

Council has directed staff to continue to take all necessary and reasonable measures to update bylaws and policies to create the conditions for the return of a taxi service to Burlington as soon as possible.

On behalf of the City of Burlington, we would like to thank all Burlington Taxi staff, drivers and owners for their contribution and dedication to our community.

Burlington TAXI basically had a monopoly for years.  The arrival of Uber and other hail a ride services ate into the standard taxi business and the company could not find a way out of the changed economic circumstances.

They were a good corporate citizen – they did well and they gave back.

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2 comments to Burlington TAXI ‘needed’ to close their service.

  • Diane Knox

    This will be a Huge Loss to the many Seniors in Burlington who have depended on this Company for Years. With a simple PHONE CALL— a trip to the grocery store, a doctor, dentist, the Hospital to and from could be arranged.
    At a time, and in a City of many Ageing Seniors who are not driving anymore, nor using ‘smart tech’ phone and Uber, service, nor need Handicapped transportation–how will they continue to remain Independent, in their homes and Manage daily needs?
    Yes, Urge Whomever to solve this Accessible Aging Issue for this City. This is a Crisis for Many .and seniors are a growing population in Burlington.
    I still drive, but I have used Burlington Taxi for years and always found the drivers & company Reliable, Safe even in Covid days, This is a Major loss for a City of this size and demographic So Sad to lose this Corporate citizen.

  • Penny Hersh

    I find it hard to believe that the city became aware of the closing of this business and essential service only 2 weeks ago. This seems to contravene what Burlington Taxi indicated in their notice to the public. It indicated that they had been trying to work with the city since 2018. I would like some clarification on this?

    In the interim, is it not possible to use a bus or limousine company as well as additional Handi-Van Service to get seniors to their medical appointments?