Burlington youth invite federal candidates to speak to them; the event is seen as a kind act.

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August 19, 2015


Youth from across the Burlington have been invited by the 3 Things for Burlington team to hear what the Federal Election Candidates have to say about issues related to young people and to learn how a federal election works.

There will be an interactive discussion designed to ensure the politicians hear the voice of youth and understand that youth issues are important.

The event takes place Monday, 31 August 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Burlington Public Library – Central Branch Centennial Hall.

The event is being put on by 3 Things for Burlington, a youth led initiative that wants to inspire others, initiate change, and impact our community.

Free tickets can be had by clicking on the link to the left

3 things for BurlingtonTheir core activity is to encourage everyone in the city to take part in three kind acts each day and share your story with the group.  These young people believe Burlingtonians will feel more connected to their community and to others.

When two members of the group, Bryan Giron and Chris Choi, delegated before city council they got a very enthusiastic response – didn’t see any kind act in the days that followed – maybe the concept doesn’t apply to elected officials.

Randi Minaker is the project lead with a group of teens that sit on a Steering Committee who plan all of the events, and discuss how they could better spread the word about the project.

These teens encourage every citizen in the City of Burlington, no matter age or ability, to take part in 3 random acts of kindness. Once people complete a kind act we ask that they either check out our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share their story with us.

By sharing your story with us we believe that it will inspire others to take part in this initiative. After all, 3 Things for Burlington is all about inspiring others, initiating change, and impacting community.

3 Things for Burlington has been around since early 2015, their official launch party was in July. A youth committee came up with the idea for the election related event and they were able to get funding for the project through the Laidlaw Foundation.

Election signs - many

Some of Burlington’s youth will be taking part in an event where candidates for federal office will be speaking directly to youth and there issues.

The 3 Things for Burlington Steering Committee decided that they wanted to host a Federal Candidate Discussion for youth as one of their 3 Things. They noted that young people tend not to vote when they come of age because they are not educated enough on what their candidates stand for.

At this event, which all candidates from all parties have been invited, youth will be educated on the political platforms of our candidates, and have the opportunity to ask any questions. They will be learning about issues that directly impact youth, and how an election works.

This event is politically neutral, none of our team is a part of any political party; they have made sure that all candidates were invited.

The format will have each candidate addressing the people who show up followed by time for questions as well. They will also have a welcome package with information about the upcoming election, how it works, and other important info.

Minaker helped the teens set up the event.  She works for Community Development Halton.

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