BurlingtonGreen facing stiff competition for $100,000 contest prize; they need your support.

August 21, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  It is going to be a challenge for the BurlingtonGreen people.  They got chosen as the Ontario entry for the Jamieson Laboratories Call for the Wild contest that has the potential to put a really significant chunk of the $100,000 that is up for grabs, into the BurlingtonGreen coffers – IF the Greens can get its membership and the good people of the city of Burlington to vote for them.

So far – they haven’t been doing all that well.  They are up against the Vancouver Aquarium, the Calgary Wildlife Association, the McGill Bird Sanctuary and the Nova Scotia Hope for Wildlife.

As of 8:00 am this morning Vancouver was miles ahead of BurlingtonGreen – who are second to last out of the five players in this game.

BurlingtonGreen Executive Director Amy Schnurr with the bike that was donated by the Mountain Equipment Co-op as art of the drive to increase votes for the Call of the Wild $100,000 contest.

BurlingtonGreen needs the big push and they need it now.  The membership has been alerted but with just 678 votes at 8:00 am this morning this says one of two things – that the membership is much lower than most people thought or that the membership isn’t responding.  Neither scenario is very healthy for the association.

Vancouver has 1216 visits and stood to take $21,867; Calgary had 573 votes and stood to take away $10,304; Burlington had 678 votes and stood to pick up $12,193; McGill’s Bird Observer logged 1481 votes which would give then$26,632 and Nova Scotia pulled in 1613 votes which would translate into $29,005.

The contest has two parts.

Vote for Burlington on the Jamieson Laboratories  Call for the Wild facebook page. 

You do not need a Facebook page of your own to vote on the Call for the Wild Facebook page.

Just go and vote.

Once you have voted for BurlingtonGreen slide over to their website and put your name into the draw for the really neat bicycle that they have thrown into this contest,

Two votes – one might get you a neat bike – the other will add to the votes cast for Burlington in the Call for the Wild competition which is splitting $100,000 between five organizations in Canada based on the proportion of votes each gets.

And right now – BurlingtonGreen aint doin so good.

BurlingtonGreen members water plants and shrubs they planted along the Beachway Park earlier in the year. One of their ongoing programs

If anyone can put those dollars to a good cause – it is BurlingtonGreen.  Part of the work they do is planting trees and shrubs which they did recently along the Beachway Park.  The plants needed watering – so out they trooped to the Beachway to hold a small press conference and water the plants.  They do things like this throughout they year.

Amy Schnurr explains that a lot of the BurlingtonGreen members are students who are not back at school yet.  Once they are in the classrooms – the push can be done at that level.

OK – but if anyone watches their email it is the students and BurlingtonGreen is sending out emails to every one of its members.  Something isn’t adding up here.  Let’s not dwell on that at this point.

The contest is the focus – and saying it is summer and people are away applies to the other four contestants as well as Burlington.

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