BurlingtonGreen taking Climate Action to the streets - a Shoe Strike - stay tuned.

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September 7th, 2020



BurlingtonGreen is doing it again.

They are reminding us that despite the pandemic and the serious concerns parents have with the way Return to School is being handled – Climate Change is the biggest issue before the whole world.

On September 25th Burlington residents will demand more action from different levels of government with a Shoe Strike.

BG shoe strike

Starting Mon. September 21st, you can drop off shoes to three locations around town. We will bring them to the demonstration site on Friday the 25th.

They will be silent reminders to politicians that we need CLIMATE ACTION NOW. Details to follow.

In the past few months Burlington Gazette columnist Ray Rivers has shifted his focus from political issues to the biggest issue facing the world.  The first in a three part series on climate change – what it really is, what it is going to mean to every one of us and what we can do individually to being about change.

The Shoe Strike is one step – the Rivers column is another.  Link below to what Rivers had to say; he will be following up on climate change.

Ray Rivers: The Problem – our problem – don’t walk away from it.

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3 comments to BurlingtonGreen taking Climate Action to the streets – a Shoe Strike – stay tuned.

  • Luke

    Why thank you King George, you’ve provoked me to look it up.

    Climate justice – Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Climate_justice
    Climate justice is a term used to frame global warming as an ethical and political issue, rather than one that is purely environmental or physical in nature.

    If you believe that the 1 million bbls of Saudi crude sailing into Irving’s King Cracker is ethical vs Canadian Oil you might be surprised to know that they, Saudi Arabia, still stone homosexuals or throw them off rooftops. SAD.

    Further reading indicates that it is largely tied to United Nations Policy and while we should endeavor to support UN efforts as a member Nation not quite sure how this is Burlingtons fight.

    We would still be cowering in our basements were it not for the Products of the Oil & Gas Industries; Masks, plexiglas shields, Intubators et al.

    Climate Emergency?
    How does that square with not one but two DRIVE Through Burlington Ribfest’s.

    The cratering of the Canadian Economy has just begun, Real GDP as of the end of the 1st quarter was down year over year -0.01% and 2nd quarter -40%.
    Personal and Business bankruptcies should be rather shocking once this months numbers are in, but sell me your ethical energy argument when its perhaps somewhat affordable.

    As to ward election loss I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Pandering and lies can win elections; Have you seen a $2000 Camping credit or 25% reduction in Cellular service charges show up in your mail.

    I’m pretty sure that the whole of Council ran with the false narrative that they could stop and or rollback the development of downtown.
    There are more than 30 LPAT ready grievances already lined up.
    Councils lack of experience, knowledge of Municipal Affairs, predisposition for international trips, and shiny things is coming up fast.
    Reserves were raided in the last two budgets, revenues in the last six months decimated get yourself ready for a really fat Property Tax increase George because it is in OUR Future.

    Chickens always come home to roost.

  • Asking what Climate Justice is stuns me. It tells why the ward election was lost.

  • Luke

    This is 2 days after the Speech from the Throne for the Federal Government.
    I’m no lobbyist but I kind of think for maximal efficacy you might hold your little protest demonstration before all the spending announcements are made and budgeted.
    What exactly is meant by “Climate Justice”?