Burlington’s players are on the ice and in position to win the contest and make the city the # 1 minor hockey city in the province.

By Pepper Parr

BLOMHA – the Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association is working like crazy today, Saturday and again on Sunday to register the votes needed to bring $100,000m to their organization.

If you want to know what being a real # 1 is all about –  click on the LINK – then come back to the story.

This is all about getting additional funding for this minor hockey team. Let’s see how well the city gets behind the effort.

The puck got dropped at 9:00 am sharp; then it looked like the server went down; probably because f a surge in demand.  Then it was up and the puck was red and you could vote.

There was a box you had to enter two words into before your vote got counted – that was to prevent anyone from setting up a program that would automatically place votes

When you are entering the two words, watch the spelling and don’t leave a space between the two words.

The players now have to log in, enter the two words shown and the vote gets counted.  Then do just that – again and again – and remember – there are 19 other communities doing exactly the same thing.  Burlington will win if they do it more often than anyone else.

That’s what Burlington has to do for the next two days if they are to be the winners of the Hockey Goes On contest that is going to put $100,000 into one Ontario community and $20,000 in four others as part of the Kraft Foods promotion that is celebrating the way minor hockey is played across Canada.

John McNeil was nominated from Burlington and has been getting this community lined up to click away.

All eight of  Burlington’s McDonalds  restaurants have  joined the campaign and are promoting the contest. The Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association (BLOMHA) has every parent they can find going on-line and voting.

Kristen Priestner, the woman who nominated John McNeil is busy working her magic and reaching out to the masses.

John McNeil, nominated as one of twenty people in Ontario to take part in the Kraft Foods Hockey Goes On contest that could bring $100,000 to the city for minor hockey. He will be going hat in hand for the next two days asking everyone he sees to go on line and vote.

McNeil will be at his keyboard for as long as he can – but he has to drive his son’s team to London for a game there.  Perhaps they will all have tablets and find a way to get on-line and vote as they drive to London.  McNeil is a techie – he just might figure out a way to do that. McNeil, who doesn’t let much get past him, has the people in London voting for Burlington.  London didn’t make it to the finals in the Hockey Goes On contest.

All this activity – and guess what?  The server went down and was down for close to half an hour.  There must have been dozens of people at Kraft scrambling around like crazy to solve the problem – but it dd get solved and the game goes on.

Just vote and vote and vote and vote.  If you can teach your cat to read and type – do that and have it vote as well.

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