Business is seeing an opportunity and moving quickly to exploit it. Was this fast enough?

marketingmoneymojoBBy Pepper Parr

June 14th, 2019



Business is all about seeing an opportunity and moving in fast fast FAST and taking advantage of what you know.

Here is an example:

A devoted reader wrote us, and many others we gather, with the following:

“$#It happens, and in a busy office apparently, it’s “to be expected” when a staff member is able to approve a half-million dollar spend.

“That’s the story I read yesterday when I learned my home-town Burlington, had been conned out of $503,000 by an email phishing scam.

“Of course, people immediately wade in and point fingers.

“But they’re missing something deeper, something far more sinister.

“Admittedly, the story is still unfolding, and Burlington has already been in touch with the bank. The 5-0 are looking into it too. That’s the police if you didn’t catch the cool slang I slipped in there.

“And while the dust settles on this, and they look for a scape-goat or some other poor soul to offer up to the gods as a social sacrifice.

“I say it proves what I’ve been saying for ages: Email is unbelievably powerful.

“Written properly you can woo a lover …

“… Sell a widget and even …

“… Con a city into giving you HALF-A-MILLION-DOLLARS.

“For the record (in case you wondered,) I’m not going to teach you how to con people using email in next month’s issue of the Lazarus Letter, I am however going to teach you something equally powerful: NECST.

Of course, as with all things … you could corrupt that for your nefarious ends – if that’s your thing.  More apparently at:

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The computer scam that hit the city.

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