Call to Prayer Service to take place in Spencer Smith Park on Friday

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

June 10th, 2021



The Burlington Mosque is planning a Call to Prayer Service in Spencer Smith Park at 1:30 pm on Friday.

The Mayor calls this the

Muslim Call to Prayer Service to take place Friday at 1:30 pm

The occasion is to offer prayers and support to the Muslim Community and the family of those people tragically killed earlier this week.

Specifically where in Spenser Smith this will take place – details will follow.

City Hall staff have once again turned on a dime to make this event happen.  Many people dropped whatever they were doing to figure out how to deal with the details.

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6 comments to Call to Prayer Service to take place in Spencer Smith Park on Friday

  • Penny Hersh


    I am most concerned about a large gathering of people in one area at this point in time. I felt the same way when people were protesting against the discrimination of people of colour last summer, and would feel the same way if a Zionist group were protesting as well.

    This is not a time for people to gather.

  • Anissa Seignour

    Tell me Mr. Ettlewood, do you assume that all Zionists are islamophobic? I own a small business and have been closed for months. The draconian rules that apply to me don’t seem to matter for this gathering though. Does that make me a racist? It’s so tiring that every time someone stands up and opposes the on trend narrative they are called a racist. The hypocrisy and gas lighting is staggering and your own political bend is obvious.

  • Penny Hersh

    I would like to know where the invitation came from to have” A Call to Prayer” at Spencer Smith Park on Friday when we are dealing with a pandemic?

    Did the City go to the Muslim Community or was it vice versa?

    I would think it might have been more appropriate for residents to be invited to the mosque to help their community deal with the tragedy. A call to prayer is very different than paying respects to the family who is dealing with this horrendous act.

    Covid 19 cases in Ontario were on the rise again today. A mass meeting is not something that should be happening as we are finally being able to loosen restrictions.

    Hope this event does not turn into a Covid 19 “super spreader”. Time will tell.

  • Anissa Seignour

    Did city hall ask the residents of the downtown area how they feel about hundreds of people gathering when we are still shuttering businesses, reduced to 10 people for outside activities, kids not in school? Once again the narrative is the only thing that matters. This is why citizens have zero trust on elected officials.

  • Penny Hersh

    How many people will be allowed to gather?

    According to an email sent out by the Mayor today restrictions have been put in place to prevent the numbers of people who were at the Beach Way last weekend.

    I hope that these same rules will apply for the Friday “Call to Prayer Service”. We are still dealing with a Covid 19 pandemic with few people fully vaccinated.

    I abhor what happened to the London family that was run down. There is no place in any society for this type of behaviour.

    The opening up of Ontario which starts on Friday has set rules and regulations. To keep people safe this needs to be followed.

    • Mike Ettlewood

      Tell me Ms. Hersh – would your reaction to this event be so “pure” if it was an anti-Hamas demonstration or in support of a Zionist calling? I wonder. I think that a bias seems to be consistently imbuing your commentary. Forgive me if I am wrong – but I really don’t believe that I am.