Canadian and Russian online casino legislation: How does it compare?  

By Dan Prefman

September 30th, 2022



Anyone who lives in Burlington knows what a great place it is and what a fabulous country Canada is. With so much natural beauty and so many interesting things to do in your spare time, it is a fabulous place to call home. While playing sports and meeting up with friends is something people all over Burlington love to do, playing online casino games is also popular with many now. This is true across many parts of Canada, where lots of people love to relax with exciting games online.

Of course, online casino gaming is loved in many other parts of the world and Russia is a prime example. Although there might be a shared love for casino gaming online between Canada and Russia, it is fair to say that the legislation both countries have in this area can differ.

But how does Canadian and Russian online casino legislation compare?

Russia has platforms that offer awesome games alongside generous bonuses. And a no nonsense leader keeping an eye on things.

 Russia – What is their online casino legislation?

 The situation around iGaming is a little muddled in Russia – despite it having some very clear-cut laws around online gambling! It is without doubt that legislation passed in 2006 banned online gambling across Russia and further legislation passed in 2009 banned all forms of gambling in the country apart from in four special gambling zones.

This all seems pretty straightforward until you learn that the iGaming sector in Russia remains popular and many people there gamble at online casinos regularly. There are in fact some top online casinos to game at for Russians now and platforms which offer awesome games alongside generous bonuses.

But just how can this be possible with the legislation from 2006 and 2009 in place? It all comes down to many Russians bypassing legislation by playing at offshore casino platforms. Although this is something of a grey area, there is little risk involved for players and plenty of foreign sites who accept Russian users. Of course, it is key to stay updated with any future changes to online casino legislation in Russia which could impact people’s ability to play at offshore sites.

Where does Canada stand on online casino gaming?

 The Canadian online casino market is an interesting one and one that is in a period of change right now. It is estimated that up to 20 million Canadians love to game online and the local online gambling sector pulls in around $1.2bn in revenue.

While regulation from the 1970s paved the way for the first land-based casino in Winnipeg during 1989, updates to laws around online gambling have been a bit slower to emerge. This is because Canada leaves it up to each province to set their own rules around online casino gambling.

As a result, some provinces have been slow to react to the rise of online gaming across the country and slow to pass legislation which could enable people to gamble at online casinos legally in certain provinces. In places like this, many follow the lead of Russia and play at offshore casino sites instead.

Despite this, there have been recent movements in some provinces in terms of legalizing online casino gaming. Ontario’s online gambling market was launched in April 2022 for example, after legislation was passed to make this achievable. This means it is now possible for internet casinos to operate within Ontario provided they have been issued the relevant license by provincial officials.

Ontario is professionally and responsibly regulated. One of the safest environments for on-lime gamblers.

This move by Ontario has led many people to speculate whether other Canadian provinces could follow suit and pass legislation moving forward to launch legal online gambling within their borders. This could soon see Canada fully open for top casino brands to operate legally within the country and see it breaking the glass ceiling around iGaming in the country.

Canada vs Russia – How do they compare?

 In essence, it is clear to see the similarities when comparing online casino legislation between the two countries. Both for example have a nation of people who love to play online casino games, and both turn something of a blind eye to people who game at offshore platforms.

There are also some clear differences between the two though. Russia for example has not passed any recent legislation in this area, while Canada seems to be in a period of change. Russia seems to have set out its stall to be completely against online gambling, whereas Canada’s stance is seeming to soften. Russia also takes a more central, federal approach to setting iGaming laws, while Canada is happy to leave it up to individual provinces.


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