Candidate for Mayor wants to see commercial space included in the Solid Gold development

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June 20th, 2018



During the Statutory meeting two weeks ago on the two tower development being proposed for the Solid Gold property on Plains Road, Mayor Goldring asked Tom Muir, an Aldershot resident, about the commercial space potential.

The proposed development is for a 12 storey apartment building that will run along Cooke; the ten storey will run along Plains Road. The rules call for 874 parking spaces – Vrancor, the developer proposed 581. The plan is for 450 units

Greg Woodruff, a candidate for the Office of Mayor claims: “This building could be configured to offer 32,000 square feet of contiguous commercial and 10,000 in the other building serviced by 100 surface parking spaces.

“That is actual commercial guys, and it’s possible in this building right now – this would give the Home Hardware a workable location or many others. We are driving businesses out forever.

Solid Gold replacement

Plains Road at Cooke.

Instead, they are pitching 99 residential surface spaces with residential units along Cooke Boulevard? This a no-no even in the most hard-core urbanist “lens”.
You don’t have living space at grade along a major street or residential parking. The “ground” is the limited resource.

There is not a single blade of grass on the thing. What a dystopian nightmare.

Solid G from south west corner PlainsThis is terrible urban design – does not represent good land use planning or compliance with the Provincial Policy Statement.

It’s clearly incompatible with the existing homes on Clearview Ave.

Compatibility is based on the neighbouring existing usage as far as I understand, not some imagined future usage.

Woodruff would make the “first level totally commercial, reserve the surface parking for the commercial.

Reduce the west tower to 6 stories. Reduce the east building to 3 stories for compatibility with the existing residential usage.

The public is going to discover that the Bus and Go that is imagined in future doesn’t go to anything except rows of condos and small offices. That’s not an attractive urban city, it’s a nightmare.

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5 comments to Candidate for Mayor wants to see commercial space included in the Solid Gold development

  • Perry Bowker

    Why do developers (and the city planning staff) continue to use these ‘artist’s conception’ drawings to peddle their wares? The thought of these ugly towers looming over tiny humans on wide streets and green meadows is enough to turn anyone off. Wouldn’t hurt if some delopers hired an actual architect to design an attractive building instead of monstrosities like at the Burlington GO.

  • Steve D

    Developers are interesting in the highest density possible, because more profit can be squeezed out of the available ground space. Imagine how much more they could make if the project was a 100 stories tall? Same ground space. It’s up to the politicians and citizens to protect their neighborhoods. Vote out politicians who suck up to the developers.

  • Stephen White

    Greg is absolutely correct. Who wants to own a residential unit facing an industrial worksite on Cooke Avenue? The ground level should be reserved for commercial enterprises, and the height of the complex should be reduced to conform with the surrounding neighbourhood. The present configuration is overpowering and out of proportion to the adjacent area.

    It really speaks to the utter arrogance and myopia of developers who either can’t or won’t clue in to the possibilities of creating an urban design that offers not only attractive accommodation but also meaningful shopping experiences. In this case they should send their architects back to the drawing board and tell them to try again.

  • Stu Parr

    The issue of the new official plan and intensification is the most divisive and polarizing topic since the pier. But the results of this issue will influence the City for generations. I hope that voters in October will thoroughly research the candidates and get out to support those who represent their position and values. I also hope that they will exercise their democratic duty wisely, choosing those with the background, experience and proven commitment to deal with a highly challenging future.

  • Elizabeth Hamidbasha

    A nightmare? You must be describing Brant and James! Although maybe with all this intensification of traffic, and people and confusion, all of Burlington will be a dystopian nightmare- whatever that is!! (I’ll look that up, but I’ll bet it ain’t good!)