Candidates for public office being offered a primer on poverty levels in the community.

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August 28th, 2018



Is poverty an issue in Burlington? Ask the people who work at the Food Bank in this city.

The wealth in Burlington is thick – but there are too many people who have to go without.

Giving back - loaded bins

These are bins of food that were donated during the annual Giving Back event that takes place in Burlington. It all goes to food banks in the community. A measure of just how much food is needed by people who live below the poverty line.

How does the problem of poverty get any attention when the focus is on the 20 + storey condominiums that are going to be built in the downtown core – unless of course the bottom falls out of the real estate market and then even more people will be living below the poverty line.

The Region has a group of people who think about poverty – where it is and how it can be eradicated.

With the new provincial government and the approach it is taking to those who are not able to do as well as many – poverty within the community is going to have to be handled by the communities.

For the past seven years the Halton Poverty Roundtable has been a community leader in connecting, educating and acting on issues related to poverty in Halton.

Their vision is: No Neighbour In Need. The organizational mission is: Mobilizing Community Will to Eliminate Poverty in Halton

They want to shift the conversation in Halton towards acknowledgment that poverty exists in our community, increasing education and awareness of poverty and then creating opportunity for community action.

The Roundtable has organized an event for Oakville and Burlington municipal candidates to learn just how deep the issue of poverty is. The event is being labelled The Poverty Primer. They will have panel presentations from local organizations to provide information about the reality of poverty in Halton; they are hoping to get a poverty pledge from the candidates that show up – all have been invited.

We will let you know who shows up.

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1 comment to Candidates for public office being offered a primer on poverty levels in the community.

  • Susie

    Feel that perhaps the Halton population needs to be educated on what level of poverty people feel they are rated as? One’s wants and their actual needs could possibly be a topic. Lack of having the opportunity to be offered a simple job could be another consideration for discussion. Community guidance and followups could possibly be an incentive to achieve independence. An individuals interest and energy to move forward has to be favourably encouraged by those choosing to just give hours of handouts. I had nothing, and moved forward with three jobs, long hours, and no handouts of any sorts, and rallied to stay above board. No cell phones, no vehicles, no flat screen t.v’s, no junk food, no tattoos, etc. etc. Life going forward is tough, but doable! Condominiums downtown are not for the so-called poverty population, perhaps rent geared to income would be a good start and happiness to all who qualify.