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September 16th, 2018



ECoB – the Engaged Citizens of Burlington are hosting a series of debates at both the ward level and for the four candidates that are running for the office of Mayor.

ECoB is a non-profit corporation. It does not have charitable status.

Its funds come from donations made by citizens who have attended ECoB events and from other community groups in the city that have made donations.

The debate for the Mayoralty candidates is to take place at Central high school on October 9th. The moderator of that debate is a well-known, highly respected woman who has served as the lead for a different non-profit corporation.

Her name will be announced on September 20th. There are a few ECoB people the proposed moderator has yet to meet.

The four candidates for the office of Mayor are: Rick Goldring, Marianne Meed Ward, Mike Wallace and Greg Woodruff.

Goldring campaign picture

Rick Goldring


Meed Ward winsome

Marianne Meed Ward

Wallace H&S

Mike Wallace

Greg Woodruff

Greg Woodruff

Rick Goldring, the incumbent.
has served as a member of Council for more than 12 years. and has been Mayor for eight  years. A web site detailing  his platform and his achievements is set out below.

Mike Wallace, a former city Councillor and former Member of Parliament for Mayor.
His web site is at

Marianne Meed Ward, is a two term member of city council for ward 2.  She is a professional journalist and a panel member on several radio and television talk shows. Her web site is at

Greg Woodruff, an Aldershot resident who ran for the Office of Regional Chair in 2014.  A web site setting out his platform and achievements is at:

Central High school

Central high school

Doors to the Central high school auditorium will open at 6:30 pm. Signs promoting any candidate will not be permitted inside the auditorium.

Signs or visual material promoting a candidate or an issue will not be permitted inside the auditorium.

Questions you would like asked by the moderator can be sent electronically to info@

Those attending the debate will be given a card and a pencil on which questions they would like put to the candidates can be written.

The moderator will go through the questions and determine which questions are to be asked. Her role will be to sort through the questions that are similar and put that question to the candidates.

There will be two timers at the front of the auditorium letting the candidates know when there time is up using red and yellow cards to do so.

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