Nelson Wading Pool Hours Thursday, June 18, 2015

Newsflash 100By Staff

June 17, 2015


Nelson Wading Pool will be open to the public noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday, June 18, 2015 due to water main construction work in the area.
It will be closed the rest of the day.

The wading pool will reopen on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 11 a.m., weather dependent.

What did the people in the Nelson community do to deserve this?

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Local runner will hand off the Pan Am Torch to an Olympian on Friday during the Sound of Music.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

June 17, 2015


If you live in Burlington the main thing you hear about the Pan Am Games is that they are taking place in Hamilton and the people who run the province want us to reduce our time on the QEW by 20%.

The hotel that was to be built on Lakeshore Road for the games hasn’t even gotten as far as a hole in the ground.

Our piece of the Pan Am Games action looks as if it is going to be limited to having one of our very own carry the torch from the Discovery Centre to the pier – 200 metres.

Pan Am torchbearers  torch

The Pan Am Torch

The Torch is going to arrive in Burlington at the intersection of Brant and Leighland and be carried down Brant Street, cutting through a couple of local streets, until it gets handed over to Ashley Worobec, a local chiropractor who is a total fitness advocate and in superb shape.

At press time Ashley didn’t have her uniform yet but she is nevertheless pumped.

Worobec’s parents are flying in from Calgary to watch their daughter run that 200 metres – the plans are to have hundreds of people line the route.

The sports organizations in Burlington have been asked to encourage their members to line the route and cheer on our runner.

Parts of Brant Street will be closed to traffic as the Torch is brought to Spencer Smith Park in what Denise Beard, Manager of something with Parks and Recreation, described as a “rolling closure” – the security will lead and follow the runner.

Ashley Worobec - hair flying H&S

When she runs her 200 metres on Friday she will be carrying the Pan Am Torch – Ashley Worobec

Worobec says there is a “shroud of mystery” surrounding the proceedings. ”I get picked up at 3:45 and get taken to the hotel where I get my uniform and then they tell me what I am doing.”

“I know that I will be handing the torch off to Mark Oldershaw”, Canada’s Olympic paddling hero.  “We all end up at the Sound of Music stage where the Mayor is giving a speech.”

Worobec isn’t sure if she gets to keep her uniform but she will be able to buy one of the torches. “I don’t get to keep the one I run with – but I am allowed to buy one – for $550. We are going to put up in the lobby of the clinic.”

Pan Am Torch parade route

Pan Am Torch route – Worobec is expected to begin her run at the Discovery Centre at 5:45 pm on Friday.

No one is really sure how many people are going to be following the event – it takes place right in the middle of the last Sound of Music weekend – so there will probably be large crowds.

Worobec expects to start her 200 metre run at 5:45 on Friday  at the Discovery Centre.

Worobec knows that she will be running along the Naval Promenade and thinks she is going to end up somewhere near the gazebo.

Her husband is going to be buying a half a dozen white balloons he will fill with Helium “so I can see where my parents are.”

Sounds like a lot of fun – and very disorganized.

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Baseball's Bandits are still struggling - not quite at the bottom of the ladder - Guelph holds that spot. Burlington loses to Barrie 4-2

element_sportsCBy CM  Dixon

June 17, 2015



It was a cool spring night in Barrie as the Burlington Bandits made their way North to Coates Stadium to take on the defending champion Barrie Baycats. After a slow start to the season the Bandits had finally filled out most of their roster and were looking to turn a corner for the rest of the season.  Didn’t make it this time – the Baycats took the game – 4-2

Going into the homes of the champions coach Kyle MacKinnon was confident with his clubs’ chances, “We just have to compete at their level. Obviously they’re a good team, but both times we came up here last year we were in a good spot, so if we come out with a high compete level, we’ll be okay.”

Bandits - Adam Odd - batter of week

Adam Odd was named batter of the game – but it wasn’t the one that the Barrie Baycats beat the Burlington Bandits 4-2

The game got going quickly and Burlington’s defence was soon on display with LF Justin Gideon making a sensational diving catch in the bottom of the first to steal a hit from Ryan Spataro. Only to one-up himself in the bottom of the sixth when he made a leaping catch as he crashed into the wall, stealing away what would have been an extra-bases hit for Kyle DeGrace.

“I tracked the ball off the bat and I thought it was going to be short, but it just kept carrying,” said Gideon as he described the play. “It just kept carrying and I found myself against the fence, I jumped and I didn’t even know I caught it until I looked at my glove.”

In the end it just wasn’t enough for Burlington as their own errors gave the game away to Barrie, most notably in the fifth inning. In the inning Barrie’s SS Branfy Arias was hit by a pitch; he then stole second, when sliding into second the ball got lost in the confusion and ended up in centre field, allowing Arias to make it to third safely. The very next batter hit the ball at 3B Nolan Pettipiece, who tried to tag Arias at third instead of getting the out at first, allowing Barrie’s DH Glenn Jackson to cash in a run on a fielders choice, making the game 2-0 Barrie, instead of potentially ending the inning.

It wasn’t all bad for Burlington though, as starting pitcher Dylan Perego gave the Bandits a strong start, pitching 6.1 innings and striking out four batters before the wheels came off in the seventh when he gave up three hits, walked one, hit a batter, had two bases stolen on him and gave up two runs before being replaced by Brandon Hillier.

The night belonged to Perego’s counterpart, Barrie’s starting pitcher Chris England. England threw 8 shutout innings to lead the Baycats to the 4-2 victory. England was just getting back into the role of being a starting pitcher, “it was a little bit different getting back into the swing of things, getting my momentum and getting my pitch count up too. It was just a little bit awkward last week, I hadn’t started in a long time, it’s a little bit about getting into routine and today I was able to follow my routine back from college and luckily I had success because of it.”

The season needed a lot of improvement - but the community spirit is certainly evident.

The season has a lot of room left – the Bandits are going to need it to catch up. They are one step from the bottom of the ladder.

Coach MacKinnon wasn’t happy with the loss “offensively we could have competed a bit better early,” said the coach, “maybe cashed in on a couple situations. Overall I’m never happy about a loss but it’s something to build off, that’s for sure.”

Burlington’s next game is at home against the Guelph Royals on Thursday night. The game goes at 7:30pm at Nelson Park as Burlington will try to snap a two-game losing streak.

The Bandits are real, real close to the bottom of the standings ladder – The team has won 4, lost ten games  – but things are a lot worse for the Guelph Royal.

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Sport Field Closures - June 16th, 2015

element_sportsBy Staff

June 16, 2015


One would have thought the close to depressing heat would have taken most of the water off the fields – apparently not – the following sport fields are closed for June 16th 2015

Ireland D1
Ireland D3
Brant Hills D3

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It's official - the Nelson Outdoor Pool will not open this summer.

element_sportsBy Staff

June 15, 2015


The Nelson Wading Pool and Splash Pads are open, weather dependent, Saturday, June 13 to Monday, Sept. 7.

Swimming girls with masksThe pool was scheduled to open for the 2015 summer season. As part of preparing for the summer opening, city staff conducted a pool inspection after the winter season. The pool structure has been deemed unsafe for public use by a structural engineer. Attempts were made to see if any short term solutions could be found for this summer season however, repairs measures are too extensive. As a result, Nelson Pool will not open for the summer 2015 season.

The Tim Hortons free swims scheduled for July 6 and Aug. 9 at Nelson Pool will be relocated to Centennial Pool, 5151 New St.

The July 6 swim will run from 1:30 to 4 p.m. and the Aug. 9 swim will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Sport Field Closures - June 15, 2015

Newsflash 100By Staff

June 15, 2015


The following Sport fields are closed for Monday June 15, 2015

All Clay Diamonds
Maple F1
Central F1
Tansley F1

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Ireland and Millcroft ball diamonds closed

Newsflash 100By Staff

June 12, 2015


Millcroft Park diamonds D1, D2, D3 and

Ireland Park D1, D2, D3 are closed for today due to the rain.

All other sport fields remain open.

That’s the word from Parks and Recreation

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This could be a lot of fun - a colour run to ignite the spirit of Burlingtonians for the Pan Am Games that open in less than a month,

News 100 blueBy Staff

June 10, 2015


Even though the city isn’t taking any official part in the Pan Am Games the residents of the city are being given an opportunity to ignite their Pan Am spirit and celebrate the Pan Am Games on Pan Am/Parapan Am Day in Canada on June 13 in LaSalle Park.

Competitors are showered with colour powders as they participate in the Color Run in Brighton, southern England September 20, 2014. Inspired by the Hindu Holi festival, participants take part in a five kilometre run dotted with locations where coloured powders are thrown over the runners.  REUTERS/Luke MacGregor  (BRITAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY SPORT)

Competitors are showered with colour powders as they participate in the Color Run.  There will be different  locations where coloured powders are thrown over the runners.

Burlington is going to do its best to get into the Pan Am Games spirit by hosting a fun-filled day for families to experience Pan Am inspired sports from local partners and take place in a Pan Am inspired Colour Run.”

The free event runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and features:

• Kids Pan/Parapan Am inspired sports
• Inflatables
• Colour Run at noon
• A 52-foot (16-metre) long Slip and Slide
• Food vendors
• Free admission to LaSalle Wading Pool

The Colour Run is an accessible one-kilometre route in LaSalle Park. Participants are encouraged to wear a white T-shirt they would like ‘coloured’ with the safe, non-toxic powder that participants will be coated in as they complete the course.

Those wishing to visit the LaSalle Wading Pool after the Colour Run will be required to rinse off in the Slip and Slide before entering the pool enclosure.

Ashley Worobec - hair flying H&S

Will Torch bearer Ashley Worobec take part in the colour run at LaSalle |Park on Saturday the 13th?

The question the Gazette has is – will Torch carrier Ashley Worobec be doing the colour run the week before she runs through Spencer Smith Park with the Torch?

Limited parking is available at LaSalle Park with additional parking available at Aldershot Pool, 50 Fairwood Place W.

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Rainfall closes down a number of ball diamonds and playing fields for the day.

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

June 9, 2015


There was more rain than anyone expected.

The Conservation Authority sent out water level warnings for the creeks that run into the city from the Escarpment.

The city decided that all clay diamonds and select soccer fields are to be closed to due water Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All clay diamonds are closed the evening of Tuesday, June 9:

Ireland Park: D1, D2, D3, D4
Millcroft Park: D1 and D2
Nelson Park: D1
Other diamonds are “as is” condition as there may be some puddles on the infields

The following rectangular fields are closed the evening of Tuesday, June 9:
Maple Park
Tansley Woods Park
Sherwood Forest Park: F5
Central Park: F1

Less laundry for the parents if the playing fields are closed – what to do with the kids? The parents will figure that out.

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All terrain vehicles will be able to use the shoulders of public roads starting July 1st.

News 100 redBy Staff

June 8, 2105


Mennonite buggy 2

ATV’s will join Mennonite buggy;s on public roads July 1st.

You are going to be able to take your ATV up walker;s Line and into Mt Nemo or along any of those nice windy rural roads come July 1st.

The province is enhancing on-road access for more types of off-road vehicles (ORVs) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) while increasing safety requirements for riders.

Beginning July 1, 2015, the province is implementing the following changes to ensure that ORV and ATV riders safely reach their destination:

More types of ORVs and ATVs, including two-up ATVs, side-by-side ATVs and utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs), will be allowed to use the shoulder of public roads

All riders — including drivers and passengers of all ages — will have to wear a helmet and use a seatbelt or foot rests, where applicable

Drivers operating a permitted ORV along a road or highway must hold at least a G2 or M2 driver’s licence, and their vehicle must be registered and insured.

Previous to July 1, 2015, only single-rider ATV’s could operate along certain provincial and municipal highways.

Mennonite buggy and bike rider

A whole new meaning is being given to “sharing the road” ATV’s will join the traffic flow

This month, the province is promoting the new rules before they come in force July 1, 2015, to ensure municipalities have enough time to make necessary bylaw amendments and to remind riders and drivers about the change.

The province is also allowing an education period to take place between July 1 to Sept. 1, 2015, before violation tickets are issued. However, during this time police officers may still lay a charge through a summons.


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Diamonds and grass playing fields are closed due to the excessive rain.

Newsflash 100By Staff

June 8, 2105


All diamonds and grass playing fields are closed for the balance of Monday June 8, 2015:

All Diamonds and Rectangular fields, with exception of Turf fields, are also closed due to inclement weather.

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Nelson pool will not be amongst those opening for the summer - city announces splash pad dates.

News 100 blueBy Staff

May 25, 2015


There will be water in city operated swimming pools – but the pool at Nelson will not be one that opens – this year.

Beats the heat doesn't it?  Your tax dollars at work.

Beats the heat doesn’t it? Your tax dollars at work.

Nelson Outdoor Pool was scheduled to open for the 2015 summer season. As part of preparing for the summer opening, city staff conducted a pool inspection after the winter season. The pool structure has been deemed unsafe for public use by a structural engineer.

Attempts were made to see if any short term solutions could be found for this summer season however, repairs measures are too extensive. As a result, Nelson Pool will not open for the summer 2015 season.

“The pool was to reopen June 13, but with two severe winter seasons back-to-back, the steel tank at Nelson Pool has seen an accelerated rate of deterioration.” said Glenn. “Ensuring public safety is our top priority, and thus the need to keep Nelson Pool closed. Plans have been made to accommodate program participants and renters at other city pools.”

With the bad news out of the way the Director of Parks and Recreation Chris Glenn sang a happier tune and said the City of Burlington wants to help residents splash into summer and that all the city’s splash pads, including the Dofasco Waterjet Park at Discovery Landing, are open for the summer.

“With the warm weather, we’re pleased to have splash pads around Burlington open for the season earlier than usual. There are splash pads in parks across the city for families to enjoy the outdoors and cool off throughout the summer.”

Mountainside Outdoor Pool and La Salle Splash Pad will open on Saturday, June 13 to the public for the summer swimming season.

Ward 3 Mountainside Pool update July 30

Mountainsides bran new pool will see its first customers Saturday June 13th

Small click here - black


The Tim Hortons free swims scheduled for July 6 and Aug. 9 at Nelson Pool will be relocated to Centennial Pool, 5151 New St.

The July 6 swim will run from 1:30 to 4 p.m. and the Aug. 9 swim will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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City looking into having a plaque made up to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.

News 100 redBy Staff

May 13, 2015


North America will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope on July 13, 2015.  Terry Fox  visited Burlington during that first event.

The Terry Fox Run to Cure Cancer people were out trying to attract and involve people from the LAton Village to take part in the event in September,

The Terry Fox Run to Cure Cancer has been a Burlington event from the beginning 35 years ago. Last year the organizers of the event set up a booth in the Car Free Sunday in Alton.

The city has been  approached by the Burlington Terry Fox organization requesting a plaque or monument be installed along the waterfront, on the border between Wards 1 and 2, to mark the 35th anniversary.

Terry Fox ran along Spencer Smith Park during his cross Canada run, and the annual race takes place in Spencer Smith/Beachway Parks.
The city is exploring the idea further, and will be presented the following staff direction at the May 12, 2015 Community & Corporate Services Committee meeting:

Direct the Manager of Arts and Culture to consult with the Burlington Terry Fox Foundation in the design of a monument to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Terry Fox Run with funding provided by the Terry Fox Foundation for implementation;

Direct the Executive Director of Capital Works to consult with Halton Region on a location of the monument in alignment with the Beach Master Plan; and

Direct the City Clerk to write a letter of support for the project to the Burlington Terry Fox Foundation.

The tension between Councillors Meed Ward and Craven is close to measurable,  Neither has ever been a fan of the other and on Monday evening the feelings got spilled onto the horseshoe of the Council chamber

The tension between Councillors Meed Ward and Craven is close to measurable at times. It will be interesting to see how they manage to cooperate at the unveiling of the plaque the city is considering. ,

It will be interesting to see how the Councillors for wards 1 and 2 manage to co=operate on this event.  They are not known for the conviviality of their relationship.

The plaque itself is a wonderful idea – Burlington has been a consistent supporter of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope since its earliest days.

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Pan Am torch route determined. Along Brant, winds through some south end streets and ends up at Spencer Smith.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

May 13, 2015


The route for the Pan Am Torch run has been determined. It will go through Burlington on Friday June 19 and start at Brant and Leighland and proceed south to Caroline where it will turn west along Caroline to Locust.

South on Locust to Elgin

West on Elgin to Maple and south on Maple into Spencer Smith Park.

The Torch Route will start at 17:40 (5:40 pm) arriving at the stage at Spencer Smith Park at 18:25. (6:25) pm  These times need to finalized with TO2015, which we anticipate shortly.

Pan Am Torch parade route

Pan Am Torch route – Friday June 19,

The 19th of June is Sound of Music time of year – so the Torch run will somehow become part of the Sound of Music.

There are hordes of people involved in the Pan Am event. Corporations are being asked to think in terms of possible staggered hours for their employees or have them work from home.

Traffic is expected to be a bit of a mess for the whole of the Pan Am and the Para Am games.

Pan Am torchbearers  torch

This is the torch Burlington’s representative will carry June 19th

Burlington has what the bureaucrats are calling “non-event” status – which is a polite way of saying nothing is going to take place in Burlington other than the practice soccer games that will take place at City View park – but the public will not be allowed to watch those games.

All these decisions were made before Burlington was recognized as the best mid-sized city in Canada to live in.

Ashley Worobec Torch bearer

Dr. Ashley Worobec will carry the Pan Am Torch through Burlington and into Spencer Smith Park.

Dr. Ashley Worobec will carry the Torch for the Burlington portion of the run into Hamilton.

Worobec is a Burlington based chiropractor at the Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic. She is also an avid Crossfit practitioner.

A mother of two young children, she is actively engaged in numerous community activities and blogs about her community, her practice, parenting and staying fit and healthy.

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Bandits take a beating - London Majors whup them 10 - 1 Ouch!

element_sportsBy Staff

May 11, 2015


Ouch – 10 to 1 – for the other guys.

The Burlington Bandits, this city’s entry into the Inter County Baseball League held took part in a game on Saturday and took a drubbing.

Bandits - Dylan Perego

The Majors just hit too many of the balls Perego was throwing.

The London Majors pounded out 15 hits and took advantage of five Burlington errors in a season-opening 10-1 win over the Bandits Saturday aMajors third baseman Alex Martinez went 3-for-5 with a run scored, as five London batters had multi-hit games.

Cody Mombourquette, Larry Gonzalez, Brett Sabourin and Argenis Vargas each had two hits.

Majors leadoff hitter Humberto Ruiz had a double and scored three runs.

London starter Oscar Perez went five innings, giving up one run on two hits. He walked three and struck out three.

For Burlington, starting pitcher Dylan Perego was tagged for four runs (three earned) on eight hits in six innings.

He struck out three and didn’t walk a batter.

Adam Odd had the lone RBI, a sacrifice fly that scored Brad Bedford in the bottom of the first.

London (1-0) will host Hamilton May 15 at 7:35 p.m. at Labatt Park, while Burlington (0-1) hosts Brantford May 16 at 1 p.m. as it opens the season with four games at Nelson Park.

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The Supreme Cheerleaders take several National Championships in cheer leading.

element_sportsBy Staff

April 23, 2015


For the second consecutive year Burlington’s Supreme Chearleading won the senior level division of the Ontario Cheerleading Federation’s National Championships last weekend,

The Burlington participants along with participants from Oakville and Hamilton were crowned Grand Champions for their respective levels.

Cheerleading - Champs

Burlington’s Supreme Cheerleaders win 1st place and are named National Champions

The event took place in Brampton and featured hundreds of performances by teams representing clubs from across the country. The Supreme athletes represented our city well and produced fun and entertaining performances, which left their coaches, parents and spectators feeling proud! All athletes represented Supreme Cheerleading and the City of Burlington with great pride, energy and sportsmanship throughout the entire event.

The final results of all the Supreme teams:

Tiny Twinkles (Ages 4-5): Tiny Prep level 1 division – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!
Mini Starburst (Ages 6-8): Mini Level 1 division – 7th place
Mini Shooting Stars (Ages 6-8): Mini Level 2 division – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!
Youth Stardust (Ages 9-11): Youth Level 2 division – 4th place
Junior Starlights (Ages 9-11): Junior Level 1 division – 2nd place
Junior Starstruck (Ages 10-14): Junior Level 3 division – 3rd place
Senior Stardom (Ages 11-18): Senior Level 4.2 division – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS AND LEVEL 4 GRAND CHAMPIONS!

Cheerleading - Stardustpyramid

Supreme’s doing a Stardust Pyramid

Supreme Cheerleading will be hosting their annual Showcase at Notre Dame Secondary School on May 9th, 2015. The event will feature performances by all competitive teams, pre-competitive teams and even a special parent performance.

Athletes ages 4-18 who wish to join the program for the 2015-2016 season can attend Team Placements which take place at the Supreme Cheerleading Gym – Burlington’s only dedicated All-Star Cheerleading facility (at 4-845 Harrington Court) on May 19th-23rd 2015. More details can be found online at or by emailing

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Two Chilly Half Marathon participants may be part of the Canadian Olympic team in Rio de Janeiro in 2016

News 100 redBy Staff

April 12, 2015


Two world class marathoner’s who ran in the 2014 Chilly Half Marathon last February just might be on their way to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Coolsaet crossing the Half Chilly Marathon December 2014

Reid Coolsaet crossing the finish line at the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington.

Reid Coolsaet and Krista DuChene both headed to the Netherlands in search of what they hoped would be an Olympic qualifying time, as well as a shot a Canadian record.

The two appear to have qualified for Olympic berths at Rotterdam today. Both took part in Burlington’s Chilly Half Marathon last March.

Krista Duchene being carried after Montral race

Krista DuChene being carried after finishing a race on Montreal just over a year ago with a broken femur.

One year ago, DuChene, the Mother of two children, broke her femur running a half-marathon in Montreal.

On Sunday in Rotterdam, she flirted with the Canadian record, and finished with her second fastest ever marathon time in 2:29:37.

WO yellowAlthough the 2016 Rio Olympic qualifying times have yet to be formally announced, the women’s time has historically been 2:29:55. This will be DuChene’s first Olympics.

Coolsaet also came to the Rotterdam course in the hunt for the Canadian record (2:10:09). He ended up with a strong seventh place finish in a tough field, finishing in 2:11:23. In previous years, the Canadian Olympic standard for the men’s marathon has been 2:11:29.

Is Burlington’s Chilly Half about to become the accepted training ground for Olympic level runners?

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Angela Coughlan Pool closed due to mechanical problems

Newsflash 100By Staff

April 10, 2015


We got this late in the day –

Due to a mechanical issue at Angela Coughlan Pool, the scheduled Leisure Swim from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. is cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Swimmers are encouraged to attend the 7:30 to 9 p.m. Family Swim at Burlington Centennial Pool or 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Fun Swim at Tansley Woods Pool.

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Burlington chiropractor Dr. Ashley Worobec named Torchbearer for Pan Am Games Torch Relay

News 100 redBy Staff

Marcvh 30, 2015

The city proudly announces that Dr. Ashley Worobec will be the Burlington community torchbearer for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games Torch Relay, presented by President’s Choice® and OLG.

Ashley Worobec Torch bearer

Dr. AshleyWorobec a Burlington chiropractor at the Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic, is an avid Crossfit practitioner at Crossfit Altitude in Burlington.

The torch relay will visit Burlington on Friday, June 19, 2015 and will feature Dr. Worobec as the community torchbearer.
In December, residents were asked to help choose a local resident to carry the Pan Am flame on behalf of the city and voted on a short list of names selected by the committee.

The Burlington Pan Am Community Engagement Committee accepted applications and nominations until Dec. 14. To be considered, applicants or nominators submitted a photo and a letter of interest explaining the connection to Burlington and what being Burlington’s community torchbearer would mean to him or her. The finalist who received the most votes was Dr. Worobec.

Nominated by Marnie Post, Dr. Worobec is a Chiropractor at the Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic, an avid Crossfit practitioner at Crossfit Altitude in Burlington, and an avid runner, participating in numerous runs in and around the city. A mother of two young children, she is actively engaged in numerous community activities and blogs about her community, her practice, parenting and staying fit and healthy.
“Ashley Worobec will proudly carry the Pan Am flame as Burlington’s community torchbearer,” said Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring. “Burlington is excited to be a part of this historic journey, and we look forward to showcasing our community to the world.”

During the 41-day torch relay, each of the 3,000 torchbearers will complete, on average, a 200-metre relay segment. The torch will be carried by more than 60 modes of transportation and exceed 5,000 kilometres on the road and 15,000 kilometres by air.

“The torch is a unique symbol of the Pan Am Games and carries a powerful energy that will unite Canadians,” said Saäd Rafi, chief executive officer, TO2015. “The torchbearers will proudly carry the flame through more than 130 communities, igniting the Pan Am spirit as they go.”

Featured on the torch are the United We Play! pictograms — colourful depictions of people in motion —symbolizing the assembly of athletes through the celebration of sport and culture. The aluminum torch stands 65 centimetres high and weighs 1.2 kilograms (or roughly the same weight as a baseball bat). With a burn time of 10 to 12 minutes, the flame can withstand winds of up to 70 kilometres per hour and is visible in all kinds of weather conditions.

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Province's lottery and gambling arm are hoping to secure up to $375 million in additional profits in the next five years

News 100 blueBy Edmund Anderson

March 6, 2015


For many sports and gambling enthusiasts, new games and new ways to win big are now being offered . In Ontario, betting and gambling are overseen by OLG and PlayOLG is the brand new official site where residents of this province can do all their online gambling including sports betting. It is secure and legal and perfect for those that want to gamble from the comfort of their own home.

OLG offers a number of online gambling options and they are set to add more in the future including peer-to-peer poker, bingo, sports betting and more. This brand new site opened its doors in early January 2015 and it provides the government with another opportunity to expand their revenue from gambling.

Play OLGBy launching this brand new online gambling website, the OLG is hoping to tap into the estimated $400 million that Ontario gamblers are spending annually on international sites. They are hoping to secure up to $375 million in additional profits in the next five years. Ontario now joins British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and all of the Atlantic Provinces in offering online gambling and casino style games to their residents. Players at PlayOLG will be able to set their own wagering limits up to $9,999 per week. They must be at least 18 years of age and must be an Ontario resident and play within the province.

Sports Betting in Ontario
The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is operated by the provincial government of Ontario and they offer the only legal Canadian based online sports gambling for residents of Ontario. Ontario is home to no less than four major league sports teams and Toronto is rumored to eventually be the host for Canada’s first ever NFL football team. The major sports teams are the Maple Leafs in the NHL, the Blue Jays in the MLB, The Raptors in the NBA, and the Toronto FC in the MLS. With this in mind, it is easy to see why sports betting is very popular in Ontario. The OLG has recently made Pro-Line betting services available online which is great news for sports betting fans who like to place their wagers online.

OLG’s Pro-Line online sports betting website is available to all Ontario residents over the age of 18 and here you will find all the days listed events, links to the sports offered and the lines for these events. The Pro-Line betting grid lists available betting options and you will need to make your selections and then print out your betting slip. The betting options available are very limited especially when you compare these to international online sports betting websites. The Pro-Line bets are comprised of picking 3-6 outcomes and that is it. They also offer Point Spread and Pro Picks but it still doesn’t compare to the international sites.

Canada’s Legal Sports betting Bill – C290
With current Canadian gambling laws, parlays are the only way that Canadian residents can place a wager. If you are a serious gambling this means you will be limited and it is why many sports betting fans choose to use international sites.

Here they can place whatever bets they want. The parlay rule has been subject to a lot of debate over recent years and many Canadians are hoping that the C290 bill will get passed. It has been tied up in the senate for a long time now and once passed this will remove the parlay wager rule and allow Canadians to bet on single game results and so much more. For sporting fans this will be a very welcome change as it will allow them to bet on single results such as the NFL final, football, and so much more.

So far we still don’t know when this bill will be passed or even if it will be passed and because of this, Canadians are doing their sports betting elsewhere and opting to use international websites that allow bets from Canadian gamblers. The downside to this, is that the government is losing out on massive revenues each year and this is the argument for the passing of the C290 bill as once passed, these revenues can be kept in Canada and pumped back into Ontario’s economy.

Legal betting and online gambling in Ontario is done through OLG and their provincially run website PlayOLG is for residents of this province only. There are advantages to this in that you know that everything you do is legal and the site is safe. The disadvantages of course are that you are only playing against residents of Ontario and the jackpots up for grabs aren’t as big as those offered by huge international websites. If you are planning on placing wagers on sporting events this year, including the NFL’s Superbowl final or this year’s Stanley Cup final, then like many others, you will be hoping the C290 bill issue is resolved sooner rather than later.

You can read about the NFL final predictions and what sites are offering the best odds so that you know where to place your wagers for the best return. There is also valuable information for those who will be placing parlay bets too.

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