Changes in the Regional committee meeting schedule suggest the Burlington Official Plan won't get approved at that level before the municipal election.

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February 24th, 2018



There will be delegations during the Tuesday February 27th Statutory Meeting on the draft Official Plan that the Planning department would like to see “adopted” at a council committee April 4 and then made real at a city Council meeting on April 27th – after which the then Burlington approved city plan goes to the Region for approval.

Burlington, like Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills are part of the Regional government where their official plans have to be approved to ensure they fit the Regional Official Plan.

Our Regional Councillors will do almost anything for a photo-op; this time they are showing you the new 2 gallon blue boxes.

Regional Councillors

Traditionally Official Plans from the municipalities go to the Clerk of the Region who passes them along to Regional Planning department that produces a report that gets sent to the appropriate Regional Standing Committee.

The Regional Standing Committee debates the report and sends it along to the Regional Council where it is debated – changes can be made – and eventually voted on by the Regional Council.

Once that vote takes place the Burlington Official Plan is seen as valid and the Burlington can make it effective from that point forward.

The problem – and there is a problem – which is that the Standing Committees are not going to be meeting during the months of April, May and June; in July they move to a vacation schedule and are not likely to get much done before the October municipal election which applies to the Region as well.

The demand from people who are opposed to both the content of the Official Plan and the pace at which it is being pushed forward want it made an election issue in October appear to have made their point.

The Burlington official plan that is in draft form would appear to have little chance of being cleared by the Region before the municipal election.

MaryLou Tanner Cogeco 2018 direct

Deputy city manger Marylou Tanner during a Cogeco TV broadcast.

The argument coming from the Planning department and the city manager that it will take even longer for the plan to get approval if it has to wait after the election because there might be new members of council that will have to get brought up to speed on the content of the plan is specious at best.

Anyone running for city council in Burlington will be very much up to date on the contents of the draft official plan – if they aren’t they shouldn’t be running for office.

The Gazette learned of the changes in the Regional meeting schedule during a meeting ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward had with members of the Seniors’ Centre.

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1 comment to Changes in the Regional committee meeting schedule suggest the Burlington Official Plan won’t get approved at that level before the municipal election.

  • Penny

    At the meeting Marianne Meed Ward indicated that there really was no rush to approve the new Official Plan, as this article notes it will not be approved by the Region until late 2019.

    Citizens need to contact their councillors and ask WHY THE RUSH, and to make the OP an election issue.

    For those of you who read the Hamilton Spectator you need to see the article by Carmela Fragomeni entitled REACHING NEW HEIGHTS IN BURLINGTON. For those of you who don’t you need to buy the Saturday edition and read this article. It will show exactly what the buildings will look like.