Cheryl Miles Goldring to show her Newfoundland work at the Seaton Gallery on Spring Garden Road, December 1st.

November 24, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  It is fast becoming the focal point – the place to see new and interesting art in this city.  There was a time when the Village Square held that title but ever since Teresa Seaton opened up her stained glass gallery on Spring Garden Road, a stone’s throw from the RBG,  the centre of gravity in the art world has worked its way west.

Seaton was smart enough to create a large wall that she calls the guest space where she displays the works of local artists who have new work that needs to be displayed, seen and sold.

Seaton was one of the founders of the Art in Action Studio Tour that just completed its 11th  successful season.  The event is a must include if the arts in this city mean anything to you.  If you do decide to take in the Studio Tour – always the first weekend in November  – allow a full day.

Cheryl Miles Goldring’s “Still Waiting” to be shown at the Fine Art Stained Glass studio on Spring Garden Road

Next Sunday, December 1st,  Seaton will be featuring the work of Cheryl Miles Goldring, an artist that we have watched grow over the past couple of years.  Last summer she and her husband spent some time in Newfoundland.  Cheryl is married to THAT Goldring, the one that wears the Bling around his neck at city hall.  We thought the Mayor would be calling on different Mayors on the Rock but there was apparently time for Cheryl to spend some time at different docks in that province. 

An earlier Goldring piece shown during the Studio Tour.

This is the first time we have seen any of her work that was seaside/water based – it will be interesting to see more of her work and appreciate the progress.

The showing takes place December 1st;   1pm – 4pm

The Santa Claus parade, which is now being called the Christmas Parade, begins at 2:00 pm on Sunday, so the Mayor is going to have to hot foot it across town if he is going to be in that event – and he will be in that event; 2014 is an election year.

The evening view from the Gallery on Spring Garden Road.

The Seaton Fine Arts Gallery was the location of the Art in Action launch of the Studio Tour this year.  With the exceptional glass art work at the ED Roy gallery right next door to the Seaton gallery, there is clearly a little community growing out there.

The Goldring work is well worth your time.

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1 comment to Cheryl Miles Goldring to show her Newfoundland work at the Seaton Gallery on Spring Garden Road, December 1st.

  • Concerned about Burlington

    Was Cheryl trying to show the Mayor what the original intent of the Pier was (to allow transient boats to tie up) so that people could spend money shopping and dining boosting Burlington’s economic growth. Money in not just money out. Beautiful work Cheryl!