Citizen's group announces they intend to arrest the Mayor- date on which this is to happen is not clear

eventsblack 100x100By Pepper Parr

December 17th, 2020



The announcement certainly got some attention.

Mayor Meed Ward

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward – the things she has to put up with.

A citizens group announced they were going to exercise their right to perform a Citizens Arrest – the object of this arrest was none other than the Mayor of the City.

Was this just another photo op?

A careful read of the document we were sent stated that the arrest would take place at City Hall this coming Friday, December 19th @ 11:45AM.


The 19th of December is a Saturday – and while the Mayor may very well be at her desk putting in a couple of hours tidying up before she takes a well-earned break the Stand4Rhee group behind this exercise in citizen’s rights is probably not going to get beyond the Security Desk.

We were informed that a Citizen’s Arrest of the person acting as Mayor, Marianne Meed Ward, will be exercised as per Bill C-26, Canada Criminal Code 494-2 at the Burlington City Hall this coming Friday, December 19th @ 11:45AM.

The erroneous date was repeated in the material sent to us but elsewhere in the document the date of Friday the 18th was given.
The material we got said:

“The arrest will be conducted, peacefully, lawfully and without harm by a group of concerned parents. The police have been informed of the intent to conduct this arrest and have failed in their duty to uphold the oath and the law, leaving the parents no choice but to take action.

“It’s crucial that our children are protected from further harm and neglect. Children are suffering from depression, suicides, isolation and psychological damage from the unlawful and unjustified emergency measures.

• What: Citizen’s Arrest of the Person Acting as Mayor, Marianne Meed
• Where: City Hall, 426 Brant St, Burlington ON L7R 3Z6
• Who: Concerned Parents, Stand4THEE, Classical Martial Arts Canada and Stand Up Canada
• When: Friday, December 18 @ 11:45AM

“We hope that you will recognize the importance of protecting the children, and the rights and obligations of parents to keep their children safe from harm, and will attend this momentous event.

Who are these people?

Stand by – there is more to come.

They have a Facebook page which sort of makes them real.

Their opening statement read:

We will stand strong using lawful, peaceful and effective ACTION to end the tyranny of those who are actively attempting to take away our Rights & Freedoms. We will hold them accountable for their actions using truth & facts. We will act in service to others while rising up to defend ourselves and our families.

There are three people listen on the organizations’ web site.

Stand4Thee leaders.

The Stand4THEE founders.

Stand4THEE National Leadership Team

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16 comments to Citizen’s group announces they intend to arrest the Mayor- date on which this is to happen is not clear

  • Doug Campbell

    Feckless anti-masker pots and pan bangers; They should have been charged under the rules and regulations for regions in the Red Zone.

  • Ben

    If anyone should be arrested its these LUNATICS for public endangerment. As far as that idiotic women who stated in bull horn that there is no Data proving a pandemic exits. Does she or loved one need to be part of the Data before she see’s the reality of what is happening? What of those who have lost loved ones? What does this crowd say to them? Its idiots like these that are making it more difficult to control this pandemic, which yes does exist. What we nee is more voices contradicting these people so as to take away from their nonsense. BTW as a tradesman that often has to wear a mask all day long and as many trades will tell you, wearing a mask is not a big deal it just needs a little getting used too.

    • Maggie Anne Steiss

      People are constantly saying “what about those who died” to justify these lockdowns. Well what about the people who died BECAUSE of the lockdowns. What about the people that died because their needed surgeries or other treatments were cancelled or those who did not get diagnosed in time. How about the increase in suicides’ as a direct result of the lockdowns. Are their lives not worth anything. Oh that’s right. It’s not a covid death so it’s not important.

      • David Barker

        You are way, way off. People are not saying “what about those who died” to justify the restrictions. No one is saying those suffering from depression or worse committing suicide as a result of the imposition of COVID restrictions are not important. You likely cannot substantiate those statements

        I believe people (scientists and medical professionals) are pointing to the number of deaths, the number of infections, the infection rate, the death rate, all in comparison to other illnesses. COVID is way more virulent and deadly than flu which many naysayers use as a comparative. Using US numbers. In 2019 the CDC says there were 34,200 deaths from flu in the US. CDC says 315,000 have died as a result of COVID. That is 10 times as many. As to infections CDC says 2019 flu infections totaled 35.50 million. CDC says the number of COVID infestions in 2020 to date is 17.50 million. That’s half the number of infections but 10 times the deaths.

        Yes, restrictions and total shut downs do have adverse affects. Sure the economy is hurt. People’s businesses are hurt. There is an increase in depression, suicides and other stress related illnesses. But unfortunately those numbers we are told are dwarfed by the COVID numbers. There are only two ways to slow or eliminate the spread of a virus. One of course is a vaccine. The other is in understanding that viruses do not move by themselves. They can only move when hosted by people (and some animals). So to stop the spread people must stop moving, socializing, traveling. An ordered shutdown is required because a voluntary stoppage of movement is not realistic.

        So with all of that said, Maggie Anne, how would you deal with the virus until the vaccine has been administered to 70% 80% of the population. Oh yes, the vaccine is not 100% effective either.

        If it was not COVID but was small pox or rubella or regular measles, would you feel the same?

      • Ben

        Of course these people are important all the more reason to follow safety protocols. Lock downs are not the cause of these problems. These problems are the result of carelessness caused by people who refuse or defy taking all possible steps to help curb this virus resulting in climbing numbers, which in turn cause the lock downs, which in turn causes any plausible increase in suicides or any other life risk that may be direct result of the lock downs. So to those who disagree with lock downs I say follow the safety program prescribed by the health authority’s like the responsible members of our society do and then and only then can we possibly avoid these lock downs to the benefit of all .

  • Collin

    While the Gazette is doing its job by informing its readership of the threat to our elected representatives posed by these lunatics, I wonder if the article couldn’t have waited until after their ludicrous public event. Why give them advance publicity by publishing their contact details? Why legitimize them by printing their logo as a graphic?

  • A simple play on the word “arrest” David. And yes police should arrest those who try to or do unlawfully detain but in several of our pro bono clients experience, they don’t. You would, we are sire find tales from our files an eye opener.

  • Denise W.

    The grounds for an citizen’s arrest have not been met. Any 16 y.o. could look it up. Won’t end well for them if they try. Can only think the announcement was a fool’s PR stunt to raise their profile.

  • Fred Crockett

    So it appears that the Tea Party wing of the US Republicans does not have exclusivity over political crazies, but perhaps these people are just using the event as a promotion to sell their tinfoil hats…..

  • Steve W

    Wow. Checked out their FB group. These people are nuts.

  • Angela Urban

    Is this for real? In which case all mayors and leaders (esp Ford) should also be held accountable. Utter nonsense in my opinion, though, our rights to be kept safe from a pandemic overrides anyone’s “rights” to spread infection.

  • Maggie Anne Steiss

    Are any other mayors targeted for a citizen’s arrest. I recall that someone attempted to arrest Doug Ford but it failed. The groups mentioned are not just local.

  • David Barker

    Does this group not have to first prove that the emergency measures are unlawful. Just because this group says they are does not make them so. Surely then the police should arrest any individual who tries to unlawfully detain another person?

  • While notihng to do with this – first time we have heard of such a thing -many a true word is spoken in jest.!

    • David Barker

      What is “the true word” that has been spoken? Just asking. Is it that some people are having a terrible time dealing with their lives under the COVID restrictions? Or is it that the Mayor somehow is responsible?