City Council ran out of time - couldn't finish the debate on the community benefits before it was time to go home.

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April 11th, 2018



It was a meeting many did not want to see take place due to the lack of in-adequate public notice – but it did – and due to the hour the Council Standing Committee decided to adjourn and continue the meeting as part of the April 23rd Standing Committee meeting.

Meed WArd at PARC

Ward 2 city council member Marianne Meed Ward

421 BrantWard 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward explained that Section 37 community benefits are a public report decided by council in a public session. That’s why we were all there. It can be changed by motion like any other report. I will be bringing several motions for change.”

She added that: “Negotiations happen between staff/developer behind closed doors but discussion by council and final decision takes place in public.” I was consulted once for input. I suggested affordable housing be a priority.”

Meed Ward said: Staff and the developer negotiated the items. Staff write the report. I saw the final list of recommendations 6 days ago at the same time as the Public Report was released.

The Tuesday evening meeting was planned as an occasion when two Statutory meetings on new developments were to be heard. The Staff report on the Section 37 community benefits that are part of the 421 Brant development was added to the agenda.  The 23 storey 421 Brant tower has already been approved by council on a 5-2 vote.

421 James street rendering

Based on the debate so far – the citizens aren’t going to see very much for the additional height and density the developer has been given.

No decision made Tuesday evening.  Due to late hour (10:10) and three delegations to be heard it was referred to council meeting of April 23. Meed Ward had suggested referral to May 8 committee. She does not support the benefits package in the report and will bring motions for change.

This story isn’t over yet.

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4 comments to City Council ran out of time – couldn’t finish the debate on the community benefits before it was time to go home.

  • Jaan

    So they ran out of time. In my opinion four years was enough time to get the job done. THEY DIDN’T DO IT SO NOW THEIR TIME IS UP. City Hall needs to be clean out of the individuals that Don’t listen, understand, and act for the people that pay their lucrative salaries. Except for one councillor, the others are totally useless, arrogant, and don’t know the meaning of hard work. They should take a course in active listening; a trait that none of them possess.

  • Tom Muir

    I’m late in reporting where I got the staff report; on section 37.

    I too couldn’ find it on the city site where it is supposed to be
    I looked for days over the weekend It was never there as others looking also found
    Where I found it was in a Meed Ward newsletter announcing it was out and the meeting scheduled
    She had a link to the report in that newsletter

    Meed Ward lust announced for Mayor

  • Penny

    What I found most disconcerting was that Councillor Lancaster put forward a motion to allow the last 3 delegates to have only 5 minutes to delegate instead of the 10 minutes that is their right. Thankfully, the other councillors voted against her.

    What does this say? Personally I feel it says that she wasn’t interested in hearing what they had to say because it would not make any difference.

    Public Engagement Award?

  • Karen Campbell

    Community Benefits “a bribe by any other name ….” In my opinion, there are not enough benefits that can be offered to make up for permanent loss of sun, sky, waterfront views and accessibility for human enjoyment. As the song goes “pave paradise and put up a parking lot” Too many developers and politicians are selfishly blinded by dollar signs, motivated by greed. Different values.