City hall staff use part of their day to give the United Way campaign a strong local boost. Firemen take the truck pull prize – again.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  September 27, 2012  The vehicle pull down Brant Street by those marvelous people at city hall who keep the wheels turning in this city usually marks the beginning of the annual United Way program.

Great weather to be outside, enjoy a burger and contribute to the United Way Campaign and be part of a team that pulls a fire truck down Brant Street.

The weather is usually good, the crowd is enthusiastic and they have some fun while they are at it.  The Fire Department has been the traditional winner of this event but last year Planning took the trophy – if memory serves me right they had two teams in last year.

While the firemen took the trophy their anchor took a tumble for the team when he got the rope tangled around his feet.

This year the Fire Department took the trophy back – Planning didn’t seem to be able to find the trophy they were given so it might be a bit before they actually get the thing.

It has to be noted that the vehicle being pulled this year was a fire truck – and while we aren’t suggesting the man behind the wheel had his foot on the brakes when others were pulling the thing – you know, the fireman might not have liked the idea of people who use their brains and their fingers to get their work done taking the prize for an event that calls for muscle and brawn. .

Kim Phillips, one of the city’s General Managers with a focus on the administrative and financial side of the place – gave it the old high school try when she jumped into the line, grabbed the rope and pulled. Wasn’t quite enough – the firemen took the trophy this year.

Not to be the least bit negative but last year the Clerk’s department had costumes that were a delight to see and the day had more teams out on the street – at least that was my recollection.  Last year Lee Oliver played a bigger role in this event – bring him back.

City hall has been doing this vehicle pull for more than ten years and it might be time to come up with something new and different – jazz it up a bit more maybe.  Staff clearly want to be part of an event.  They have fun; Civic Square was close to packed.

The Burlington portion of the 2012 United Way Campaign is $2.1 million.  That’s a big number that Burlington chair Paddy Torsney is going to have to be very creative to achieve.  She has a strong team with a lot of new people taking part – many who are quite a bit younger than what United Way has been able to recruit in the past.



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