City Hall wants feedback on the Construction and Mobility Management Policy

By Staff

August 4th, 2021



When there is construction work being done within hearing distance from where you sleep – you end up being a very unhappy camper.

Some time ago the city created a policy – Construction and Mobility Management Policy, to address the issue.

In the past the city has held public meetings and asked the developer of a site to explain to the audience how they will manage the CMMP. Those stand are from the ADI Development Group.

The contractors had to submit a plan on how they were going to handle the movement of equipment and construction materials to the site and how they would manage the movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the site.

For the people on Martha Street near Lakeshore a Construction and Mobility Management plan hasn’t made much difference – what has lessened the quality of their lives is the provincial policy that lets workers start at 7 am.

Nothing the city can do about provincial policies – except to maybe write a tart letter.

The city now wants feedback to help refine the policy to address construction impacts on sidewalks, cycling facilities, parking and streets.

This aerial view of the Nautique construction site sets out the problem; the traffic limitations on a very bust road, the sound and construction dust problems.

The Construction and Mobility Management Policy, (CMMP) first approved by Council in the fall of 2019 provides guidelines to:

• Minimize impacts to sidewalks, cycling lanes, parking and streets during construction of new developments;

• Provide consistency in the City’s review and approval of proposed developments;

The Nautique: it was controversial when it was an idea. Some things never change.

• Successfully manage multiple developments, potentially in close proximity, while maintaining an active city for residents and businesses; and

• Coordinate private development with planned construction by the City, Halton Region and Utility companies on public roads.

In June 2020, staff proposed an amendment to the original Construction and Mobility Management Policy to establish additional guidelines for the approval and management of low-density residential construction activities, to minimize impacts to public health and safety, amenities, traffic and the environment in the area. Council approved this amendment on June 22, 2020.

Staff is now looking for feedback from residents about how construction has impacted them both before and after the City implemented the CMMP.

How to Participate
Residents and others interested in the Construction and Mobility Management Policy are encouraged to:

1. Visit to learn more about the policy

2. Take the survey

An online survey will be available until Aug. 27, 2021 at for residents to share input about how the policy has affected construction around Burlington to date and what the future of the policy might look like.

You might want to use the Gazette search engine to pull up past stories on construction site problems.


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3 comments to City Hall wants feedback on the Construction and Mobility Management Policy

  • Penny Hersh

    This city seems to learn nothing.

    More surveys that go nowhere. One would think that someone at City Hall would realize that many residents don’t feel that surveys have been successful in taking into account resident’s wishes that actually result in some change.

    • Leslie B.

      I don’t completely disagree with you Penny, however, as someone who has been advocating for changes to construction policies for a long time, my position on this – or any other issue – is that no one can say I didn’t speak up when given the opportunity. So I would encourage everyone who has had to regularly deal with construction-related issues to take a few minutes to submit their input. I can guarantee nothing will happen if we just take the attitude of “why should we bother?”. Gotta hang on to hope!

      • Yes Leslie one should never lose sight of hope as every wall of injustice must eventually fall. Look at the E/W German wall that came down in a day. We have been speaking out for the last thirty years at least about well evidenced improper use of our municipal resources. Have we made any noticeable difference not really, in fact things are far worse now, but that doesn’t mean we stop doing what we do and do well. What if those who were praying in a house next to the German wall that like the wall of Jericho it would fall, stopped because tbey could not see a single crack. The Word we stand on in hope of the walls of injustice we see being fulfilled is “Suddenly their own words are used against them and all who see them shake their heads in scorn” from the Psalms. One day that will happen until it does we must all have laser like focus on the words of those presently in control of our hard earned dollars so we can hold them to exactly the right time to watch the wall fall.