City hallis not calling you to check your gas or water meter - those are fraudulent calls. Hang up!

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August 9th, 2017



If someone calls you, s6ays they are from the city and asks to make an appointment to come to your home and inspect water and gas meters inside your home – you should know the call is fraudulent – the city isn’t going to call and offer to help you.

That is not the business municipal governments are in

The city continues to receive reports of phone calls being received by Burlington residents from an individual claiming to be a City of Burlington employee. The caller asks residents to set up an appointment time to inspect water and gas meters inside their homes. These are fraudulent phone calls

Residents who have called the number displayed on their call display got the “number not in service” message.
The fraud unit at Halton Regional Police Service as well as Halton Region and Union Gas have been notified.

The city is also posting information on its social media sites about the fraudulent calls.

If it looks too good to be true – you should know it isn’t. Municipal governments don’t call citizens – they do respond to citizen complaints.

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