City is now recruiting new people for the Advisory Committees

By Staff

November 16th, 2021



The City of Burlington is looking for community members to volunteer on a city committee or board.

These volunteers play a key role in providing advice and feedback to City Council and staff on a variety of city issues.

Applications are now being accepted online at until Nov. 26.

Multiple efforts have been made to create a system of Advisory Committees with little lasting success. There is something dysfunctional about just about everything city hall has tried. There have been a number of meetings that were attended by well meaning, smart and committed people who want to be involved. Lift off has yet to be achieved.

Residents over 18 years of age, representing the diverse backgrounds of our community are encouraged to apply. Participating on a city committee provides a unique opportunity to:

• Lend your voice and expertise to help shape decisions and services that impact our community

• Expand your network and meet new people

• Gain a broader understanding of how municipal government works.

• The City of Burlington has more than 18 boards and committees that play a key role in providing advice and feedback to City Council and staff on a variety of issues, including heritage, accessibility, diversity and the environment.

• On Nov. 10, 2021, City Council approved a new Public Appointment Policy for Burlington

• The new policy provides an outline for the process of public appointments to advisory committees and local boards at the City and introduces provisions for diversity and inclusion.

City Clerk Kevin Arjoon

View the new Public Appointment Policy.

• To learn more about the city’s boards and committees and to access the online application form, please visit


Kevin Arjoon, City Clerk said:  “Sitting on a local board or committee provides a unique opportunity to directly impact the future of your city. We are looking for volunteers who represent the diversity in our community to lend us their expertise and ideas to help make a difference in our community.”

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2 comments to City is now recruiting new people for the Advisory Committees

  • Penny Hersh

    Kevin Arjoon
    This recruitment we’re only offering 1 year terms, it’s a great opportunity for those who want to try out a position on a board or committee. Looking for fresh voices and perspectives.

    Why only 1 year? Advisory Committees never had a term of 1 year. Why the change? It takes the first year for members on these committees to get up to snuff, so to speak, and how they can affect change if need be.

    I have been trying to find out for some time now if the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee has a term limit. To date there does not seem to be one. Some members have been on this committee for many years.

    Can anyone answer this question?

    • Howard

      Penny, I would have to think the 1 year term represents the remainder of the council term of office. The new council can eliminate most of the ACs if they so choose.