City purchases 1200 Fox40 whistles - Councillor to try one out

By Pepper Parr

January 24th, 2022



The east end of the city has had a coyote problem for close to ten years – the critters seemed to have taken a liking to the downtown core – which has a lot of people getting a little edgy.

They are now being seen in ward 2

Ward 2 Councollor Lisa Kearns wants something done and is taking steps of her own to serve her constituents.

Kearns seems to have all kinds of clout.

The Burlington Animal Service Department just ordered 1,200 Classic Fox 40 Safety Whistles – 600 blaze orange, and 600 yellow.

Fox40 whistle – Coyotes do not like the sound of these things.

Ron Foxcroft, the inventor of the Fox 40 whistle, said recently that “Someone at the City is very smart to think of this. Kudos to the City”.
Will we soon see Councillor Kearns on the street with a whistle of her own?



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2 comments to City purchases 1200 Fox40 whistles – Councillor to try one out

  • Hannelore Brandner

    Never saw a coyote until January. The first one plodding along the tree line on Burlington Beach about 150 m from the shoreline. Then in Tansley Woods across the creek behind the homes on Itabashi Way, over 200 m distant. This past Saturday around 4:30 p.m., on the path behind the Tansley Community Centre by the Day Care outdoor play area, about 50 m from me. I backed up and headed back to the sidewalk. It continued to follow the path to the edge of the trees and headed into the ravine. They have also been seen walking along the road, in daylight, in the Forest Run area and Walker’s Line. Not sure where to walk any more. Where can I buy that whistle?
    H. Brandner

  • Dave Turner

    Yes, we will. With whistle in her mouth keeping we residents in line.

    Just kidding. LOL