City statement: 'We take these reports seriously'

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February 2, 2020



On its Twitter feed the City of Burlington reports that:

The City is aware of reports of a Parking Services employee parking in an accessible spot while doing their job. We take these reports seriously and are looking into this matter.

A question:

How does the city know the person who parked the city owned car was at Costco on city business on a weekend afternoon?

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6 comments to City statement: ‘We take these reports seriously’

  • Albert

    The City enforces enforces Parking Bylaws on private property and has for years, usually involving an agreement between the City and Property owner. Fire Routes, Accessible permits just as an example.
    “City Business” could mean a foot patrol of the lot.

  • Brian Jones

    From the picture, there is no signage of parking control. Plus, even then if directed by Costco or city, the driver should be well be aware of the restriction to park in these spots. No Excuses

  • A.M. Tywonek

    To answer your question, I’m guessing, someone texted or tweeted The Mayor or her office along with a picture from their phone. The vehicle ID number is clear to see making it quick to check who has ‘official’ access to said vehicle. The City of Burlington ‘brand’ will take a bit of a hit, i wager.

  • S.C. Gardner

    I am told more than just the costco event gas bren reported to the city multiple locations multiple times.

  • Fred

    I would commend the employee for ticketing other illegally parked vehicles at Costco, as it should be patrolled on a regular basis.

    Editor’s note: Is a city parking control officer issuing parking tickets on private property.

  • Riley

    Because it was reported by a citizen.