City vehicle takes up a handicapped parking spot at Costco; not part of the brand.

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February 2, 2020



These photographs appeared on the Facebook page of a Gazette reader.

City car 2

An electric car, parked in a handicapped space with no permit in the window.

City car 1

… and it is a city owned car. Ouch! Will the city look into this?

The comments that were sent to us read as follows:

Parking enforcement parking in handicap spot at Costco Burlington.

This was on my Facebook. Pics were posted at 2:57pm yesterday. No handicap sticker.

This is what I mean with there is a lot of work to do to clean up the city. The sense of entitlement is overwhelming with City staff, their abuse of power and the continued waste of our tax dollars

Will this person be disciplined or another wipe under the rug?

Not much we can add to that other than that the city now knows.

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More on the Burlington Brand.

city car 3

Tough for the driver of the car to miss the markings on the parking spot and the sign – given that they backed into the space. Penalty should be whatever the fine is for this infraction plus a note in their HR file.

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9 comments to City vehicle takes up a handicapped parking spot at Costco; not part of the brand.

  • Sean Lonergan

    Termination is a bit extreme. Suspension yes, and a letter in the file of the employee. You can be sure this will be taken to arbitration and overturned no matter how you feel about it.

  • Abbey

    lmao my mom took this pic

  • Susan

    It’s like the teachers pet, but the Mayors pet. A slap on the wrist and say don’t do this again and go get me a coffee.

  • Perryb

    This is a good example of how ‘social’ media has enabled people to be carelessly, vindictively judgmental of people they have never met and situations they have interpreted to their own satisfaction without any evidence. I do not know why this individual chose to park in a handicapped zone, but is it not possible there was a good reason? What if the vehicle had been a police cruiser? Why did the original Facebook poster not face the person and demand an explanation before assuming the worst? And finally, to casually demand that this person be fired shows, at minimum, a lack of introspection about how serious and life-altering that action would be.

    • Perry the only succerssful police complaint we ever filed on behalf of others and ourselves was a police car taking up a spot they were not entitled to at Central Public School. We got an apology. If there was a valid reason, leave a note on your dash so those who have a right to them at Costco and cannot get parked except in the back lot do not give up on Costco and do their shopping elsewhere. And never do it in a City car in any handicapped parking spot laws are laws and taxpayers should not have to pay the fine. Take a look at city hall hadicapped access parking – they limiit us permit holders to 3 hrs. Often I can be at City Hall a lot longer than 3 hrs. Never seen it before and the City flatly refuse to change it.

  • A.M. Tywonek

    At the very least, the employee should (will?) not have access to this vehicle for a specified time period, unless it’s integral to carrying out their necessary job functions.

  • Roger

    Employee should be fired – Manager / Director should offer a written apology to the residents of the city – lead by example – shameful actions should be accounted for

  • Brian Jones

    Am not sure but minimum fine is $300.00
    If so maybe a donation to charity would suffice

  • Steve Holman

    This incident certainly looks bad, and the City has some explaining to do. What does not seem right is to conflate this into a city that is rife with overwhelming undue sense of entitlement, abuse of power and waste of tax dollars, that requires a lot more evidence. The people at the city I have spoken to seem to be quite focussed on serving the public.