City Updates Vaccination Policies for Volunteers and Staff

By Staff

March 23rd, 2022


Masks aren’t a must but hugs are in – according to the Mayor.

Vaccinations are heavily encouraged.  For those who do not get vaccinated – there have been consequences.

The creation of the vaccine in such a short period of time will be seen as a true marvel.

The City’s COVID-19 Volunteer Vaccination Policy has been repealed.

This means  volunteers, when accessing City facilities and taking part in City activities, will not be required to show proof of vaccination.

On March 14, 2022, the City of Burlington COVID-19 Staff Vaccination Policy was amended; staff that are not vaccinated will continue to have the option to test (Fire Department staff excluded). The decision to amend the COVID-19 Staff Vaccination Policy was done in light of the evolving pandemic situation and messages from the Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding workplace vaccination policies. In addition, the Province of Ontario lifting its vaccine passport requirements and remaining capacity limits factored into this COVID-19 Staff Vaccination Policy amendment.

Being tested isn’t quite this dramatic.

Passive screening for the public visiting City facilities will continue to be in place. (Passive screening is a list of questions that are asked.) Members of the public who wish to continue to wear their mask in City facilities are welcome to do so and we ask the public be patient and kind with one another and staff as we move through these changes together. Daily active screening of City employees and source control masking will remain in place for City staff.

Passive screening means:

  • you must post signs with clear instructions at all entrances that tell people how to screen themselves
  • the signs should include the screening questions and instruct people with symptoms or high-risk exposures not to enter the premises
  • people are assumed to have screened themselves and followed the instructions
  • you do not need to ask anyone to report the result of their screening
  • a person should be told not to enter if they volunteer the information that they did not pass the screening assessment

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward: vaccinated or tested.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward explains: “Vaccination policies for our City staff and volunteers have been flexible throughout the pandemic — changing as needed to respond to health indicators and advice from health officials. Based on the current situation, and in keeping with advice from the Medical Officer of Health and the Province, in lifting requirements to show proof of vaccination in certain settings, we are modifying our policy once again. City volunteers won’t be required to show proof of vaccinations, and City staff (with the exception of the fire department, due to the nature of the job) have the choice of vaccination or testing.”


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1 comment to City Updates Vaccination Policies for Volunteers and Staff

  • yvonne walters

    when will second booster shots be available for seniors over 65 with underlying issues not withsanding NACI’s recommendation now, that masks are lifted, places are opened up at full capacity, and the identified groups, and homes have been offered the fourth couple months ago.

    Vaccines at some drug stores and clinics are expiring, thrown out, instead of offering these vaccines to the public who are now qualified to receive them. Also, noting Omocron 2 on the rise. The USA are now giving second booster to seniors who are 65 and over and who wants the 2nd dose. Why not do the same thing here? Maybe our Medical Department should take the initiative our counselors, mayors, etc , instead of NACI and the Province

    We should learn from the past instead of waiting around for Omacron 2 to set root