Columnist gets no response – takes a break.

Rivers 100x100By Staff

July 11, 2014


Ray Rivers, our lead columnist has done a column every week for the past 14 months.  In each column he adds extensive background links for those who want to delve in the subject in more detail.  Creating all those links is a chore but one we do willingly.

Rivers did a column on the new federal prostitution laws and expected more than the usual response he gets.  Was it the subject or the summer?  There is that wonderful British comedy: “No Sex please – we’re British” that just might apply to Burlington?

No sex pleaseThe British farce,  which premiered in London’s West End on 3 June 1971, was unanimously panned by critics, but played to full houses until 1987. It did not share the same success with American audiences, running for only 16 performances on Broadway in early 1973.  It did not run in Burlington.

Whatever – Rivers decided it was – we’ll let him tell his story in his own words: “I think I’ll just take a break for a couple weeks – I have had no responses to the last column – which I thought might have got some interest – It’s summertime and the readers are easy – the fish are jumping and the cotton is high….”

See you in a couple of week’s Ray.

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14 comments to Columnist gets no response – takes a break.

  • Mr.Bean

    I have taught myself to not read anything Ray Rivers writes. Easy.

  • Donald

    Why does every writer on here get showcased, as if they’re looking for an ego boost. Focus on your work, not recognition.

  • Fred Pritchard

    Poor conservative readers are feeling picked on by Ray. When our Dear Leader makes policy based on ideology instead of the facts as they are presented, it’s not hard to take pot shots at him.

    Take for instances the Justice Minister. The absolute arrogance of Harper and McKay to think that out of hundreds of countries, and thousands of law makers now and who came before them, that these two could craft legislation that would put prostitution out of business is laughable.

    Thousands of politicians have tried and failed at that task, but here comes dumb and dumber who say they can eliminate prostitution with the creation of this fabulous new law. Really?

    Instead of wasting resources on this nonsense, they make it legal, create a safe working environment with health screening and tax the hell out of it. They could then take the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue and invest it making all Canadians lives better.

    They could reopen the fresh water research testing lab in Ontario which keeps us safe, they could re-establish Parks Canada’s funding, they could properly fund the CBC so our stories could be told. Dozens of programs and priorities have been slashed that benefit Canadians, (all except the ad’s on TV to promote our Dear Leader).

    Make it legal, tax the hell out of it like they do in other counties.

    Ray keep up the good work.

    • Tony Pullin

      To “properly” fund the CBC would require drastic cuts to it.

    • Tony Pullin

      Just a quick observation Fred. Of the 4 commenters here that you refer to as “poor conservative readers”, three of them applauded Ray for his work, and one encouraged him back to the keyboard. Words like “thought provoking” and “appreciative” were also used.
      I highly doubt anybody here feels “picked on”, Ray included. The commenters here seem to be suggesting a more neutral perspective would be beneficial.

      • Zaffi

        Just for clarity purposes in case I was mistaken to be of a conservative bent. “Thought provoking” came from me a left of centre Liberal. That said being of a liberal mind I do also give credit where due no matter the party stripe. A good idea or policy is still a good regardless of where or from whom it came.

        Though a hard left Liberal I did very much liked and respected Mr. Flaherty. I could see there was more to the man than he was being allowed to show.

        Not all Liberals detest all Conservatives nor vice versa. I’d suggest the non partisan book by Samara Canada, Tragedy in the House of Commons, for evidence of this.

        • Tony Pullin

          I wasn’t referring to you Zaffi and did not presume that you were of any particular political identity. You make a great, thoughtful non-partisan comment that serves to bridge gaps between political persuasions. I’d be interested in reading the book which you recommend.

  • Bill Statten

    I too applaud Ray for having the discipline to write his weekly column. He is able to comment on a wide variety of issues with reasonable research done in most cases. I often do not agree with his staunchly pro Liberal government conclusions. However, his comments help me evaluate my positions on political matters and keep an open mind.
    Enjoy a well deserved break!

  • Gary

    What does it say about this column or columnist when he gets more response from declining to write a column than he does when he writes one? Don’t let the moss grow too thickly under your feet Mr. Rivers before you get back to banging your keyboard. I comment on issues that interest me, as you know. I have zero interest in prostitutes or their problems.

    To echo what one of your commentators said I would probably prefer to see less of your “Conservatives are all stupid or mean” stuff and, since you are a Liberal insider, more information about what the Liberal Party thinks about certain issues. So far the guy with the good hair who runs the party has told us where he is on abortion and marijuana, but not much else.

  • Pat

    Or maybe it’s more a ‘libel chill’ that is being felt by the intelligent readership of this newspaper on-line.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that ever since Vicenzo Rossi, that airpark owner, launched meritless and expensive lawsuits against two of them, simply for providing Burlingtonians with critical insights and facts of what he’s really been doing to our rural friends and environment, that the participation on this site by thoughtful and concerned citizens has waned.

    I am really pleased that you, Mr. Parr, have not fallen to his bullying tactics.

    • Tony Pullin

      Agreed Pat, and I have made the same observation. I think comments on politicians are generally fair game however. Tim Hudak on Kathleen Wynne being an exception.

  • Tony Pullin

    I like Ray, and I think Ray has alot of insight. Also, he can apparently spell better than Pepper Parr (and me, no doubt).
    I find that Ray often (if not usually) presents his facts and points, and then unnecessarily spins it into an anti Conservative diatribe. The prostitution article was thought provoking but then became a bit of an anti Harper, anti MacKay rant. So, should we comment from a political perspective, or a social perspective? What are Mr. Trudeau’s and Mr. Mulcair’s stance on this issue? Do they have one? What works in other parts of the world? What doesn’t? Do sex trade workers really pay taxes in New Zealand? Really?
    I would love to see Ray write more from a more neutral and social perspective. There is lots to be critical of for the whole spectrum of politics including past and present Liberal Partys, federal and provincial. This is not to say that a writer can’t expose his/her fundamental political persuasion. We, as readers expect that.
    Perhaps more often than not, people would like to engage in an idealogical discussion rather than a ‘my team/your team’ political stand-off. Like commenter Greg Fabian, I also applaud Ray, Pepper and anyone who takes the time and effort to promote knowledge, concepts, information and critical thinking. Further, don’t confuse lack of comment with lack of interest. Maybe everybody agrees with you and has nothing to add? Maybe Burlingtonians are too stodgy to discuss certain issues. Or, maybe we’re on holidays, and don’t care right now. You’ll be back Ray, and we’ll be here.

  • Zaffi

    Mr Rivers
    I am surprised you didn’t get much response. I read every article you post. And I really enjoy your analysis, in depth details, etc.
    Your article on the Conservative’s prostition law was excellent.
    The reference to Kim Campbell allowing a certain law to just elapse rather than address the issue gave me food for thought. It made me wonder if that is what Harper is trying to do with another contentious issue he seems afraid of opening to debate.

    Your articles are always quite thought provoking for me. Please don’t be away too long.

  • greg.fabian

    While Ray sometimes does have a few good points and may provide links to background information for me it is his extreme Liberal bent that makes his opinion columns tough to read.

    Having said that it is an important part of our democracy and free speech society that allows everyone to say or write an expression of their opinion. And because of that I applaud Ray in taking the time and effort to write his opinion column.

    However, it is also our right to disagree with what someone says or writes. Sometimes we may comment. Sometimes we just do nothing.