Community Development Halton going through a transformation with revenue raising getting more attention.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

April 24th, 2019



In the past few months Community Development Halton has sponsored a number of special focus courses – five that we can count so far.

This is not a traditional area for CDH – an organizational that does a lot of research and spawns organizations that get spun off and continue to serve the wider community.

MAID dying

One of the more recent focused day long course offerings from Community Development Halton.


Food 4 Thought and the Age Friendly operation are two examples.

Transit - Rishia Burke + McMeekin

Retired MPP Ted McMeekin in conversation with a former Community Development Halton contract staffer.

The CDH Board has gone through some significant changes – financial constraints have called for some cut backs in the number of hours staff work and a push on bringing in some revenue.

CDH came out of what was once known as the Burlington Social Planning that was headed up by retired MPP Ted McMeekin.

Like every worthwhile organization CDH is going through a transformation and learning to adapt to changing circumstances on the funding side and an even greater need for more in the way of actionable data and the creation of services that meet identifiable needs.

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