Computer glitch screws up requests for willow tree samples and community garden requests.

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September 13th, 2017




The willow trees and the gazebo lent the east end of Spencer Smith Park a certain charm.

Those willow tree (there were two of them) that the city cut down because they were thought to be dangerous to the public did have one very small upside – people could get a piece of trees that were planted more than 70 years ago.

To mollify the public disappointment the city is handing out pieces of the tree – all you had to do was go on line and make a request.

Turned out it wasn’t quite that simple.

There was a glitch somewhere in the software that makes all these wonderful things happen – the techies recently discovered issues with some online forms completed by the public and is asking those affected to resubmit their information.

New Gazebo - will wood

The new gazebo – all metal and pretty sterile. In time, we suppose, the trees around it will grow and add some character.

The technical issues affected Willow Tree wood request forms between Aug. 2 and Aug. 3 at and all applications for a 2018 Community Garden.

The technical issues have been fixed and the forms are now being received by the city. The Willow Tree Wood form deadline has been extended until Friday, Sept. 15, 2017.

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