Conservation Halton doing a virtual event on flood planes: if you are near one of the major creeks this is for you

By Pepper Parr

October 13th, 2021



Burlington certainly knows something about floods – that downpour in 2014 was not forgotten.

Conservation Halton (CH) really wasn’t  prepared for the amount of rain that fell but they learned what was needed and there is now a solid set of protocols in place to measure the flows and to get warnings out to people,

The Conservation people are updating floodplain mapping for the Tuck, Shoreacres, Appleby and Sheldon Creek watersheds of Burlington and Oakville.

A significant amount of work has been done on several of the creeks but there is still a concern; given the vagaries of climate change that concern is very real.



Floodplain mapping is used by CH and its municipal partners to identify areas that may be susceptible to riverine or shoreline flooding and to inform flood forecasting, emergency response, community planning, infrastructure upgrades, and other flood prevention efforts.

A floodplain is an area of land that is flooded by a nearby creek or lake during large storms.

There will be a virtual public engagement session on October 14, 2021 at 7:00pm to learn more about the work being done and an opportunity to ask questions.

To register, please visit

For those who cannot join live, a recording will be posted online after the session.


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1 comment to Conservation Halton doing a virtual event on flood planes: if you are near one of the major creeks this is for you

  • Diane Knox

    This issue is the MAIN ISSUE for Burlington.– Not Traffic, Parking, enjoying our Theme Park-or a view of our Lake or even Driving to our HOSPITAL…

    This is- the reality of a Global 2021. The rain will come like 2014, the Lake will rise as any Coastal Engineer will tell you and the Actions of the past will Cost us, the taxpayer in many ways. The HOME Insurance Companies now have, TV Ads on what they suggest –DE-PAVING-PLANT A TREE and Riders on what they will or not cover.

    When Governments – Municipal and Provincial- approve to “PAVE Paradise”,- the Market Gardens of Aldershot and Maple Ave, Fisher Farms on a Floodplain with Parking lots, Large malls, strip malls, Light industry etc. We the Homeowners Pay to Mitigate the many Floodplain streams now unable to manage the the water–Note–Rambo is another–those blue lines are critical to understanding of this as a floodplain and many are under tax repair, in 2021..
    We lost the Fight to “Save the Lakeshore” in the 1970’s with the ‘small’ Hotel at the foot of Brant. ( Look what will replace it) Since then Provincial Governments and Toronto based Tribunals (LPAT, OMB, OLT)And the Deep pockets and lobby ability of out of town big developers, several Mayors and Councils have ignored the wishes of all Burlington residents to preserve the neighbourhoods, the character and shopping HUBS across this city and lost any fight to stem Intensification and the Floodplain Paving, The result, every major stream is now under review for upgrades.. We the Taxpayer will pay
    Best of luck on this issue