Council works its way through a very heavy work load - more on GO service improvements and changes to the arts file

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December 7th, 2020



City Council meeting as a Standing Committee on Monday went through a very heavy agenda.

They had information coming at them from half a dozen directions – some critical decision will end up being made based on what they heard.

One can reasonably wonder if the diet was a little too rich.

GO site from north

Rendering of the view from Harvester looking north – GO tracks are at the top. The property is currently owned by the Attridge school bus people who have come to an arrangement with GO

There was a good presentation from Metrolinx on where the layover facility is going to be located.  On Harvester at Walkers Line.

Executive Director Sheila Jones orchestrated a review of the kind of corporate organization the city would like to end up with when they have completed the reviews and the high level thinking.

In terms of a management development session it was as good as it gets – the one fly in the ointment was that council members were asked to hold their questions to the end of the presentation – when they got to that point they were tuckered out and had very little in the way of questions.

Future functional design

An early look at the future functional design of the city organization.

The presentation deck they were given is well worth more time from the members of Council – hopefully they will be able to find the time to think through and reflect on what they learned.

The Gazette will have a fuller story on this for you later in the week – for the moment – take a look at the development of the org chart – loads on information in there and lots of questions.

In a related story we look at the decision to put the culture file back in in with Parks and Recreation; it didn’t work very well when it was within that department last time and there is not much to suggest it will work this time either.

Councillor Sharma n speaking to Angela Paparazzo

Councillor Sharma n speaking to Angela Paparizo

At the risk of using a pun, the issue is one of vastly different cultures.

There was a lot of time spent on the role of a Deputy Mayor. Mayor Meed Ward put forward a memorandum what she felt was a serious flaw in the governance of the city.

Some very good work done on that file. More on that issue soon.

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