Councillor assures her constituents that her September ward meeting will be very safe - and a happy place as well

By Pepper Parr

September 17th, 2021



Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns is showing some leadership, along with a lot of caution on meeting with her constituents.

She has decided that she will hold a live ward meeting at the Art Gallery September 22nd.

Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns wants to be able to see real people and talk to them, listen to them and address their concerns, Virtual meetings are something she appears to want to get away from – providing people are safe.

The time 7:30 pm, does conflict with the Town Hall Call-In on Covid19 matters – Kearns points out that the Town Hall is recorded – so people can listen to it later.

She does have one concern – while she wants people to show up she does have to limit the number of people in the room.

And be certain that Kearns is going to insist on a strict interpretation of the rules – six feet and a mask – and ensure her that you have done the self-screening that is necessary.

Other than that – show up – Kearns doesn’t do the traditional dry as old bones meeting – she has in the past let a couple of real zingers fly.

Kearns asked that: “Before people start freaking out that I am hosting a super spreader event, can you please advise people that registration is limited and pre-registration is required at”?

Kearns is breaking ranks with the Mayor on a number of issues.  The position she appears to be taking on the Holiday Market that is being promoted as something that could take place this year in her ward is something about which she has a lot of questions that have yet to be answered.

She also doesn’t appear to agree with the approach the Mayor is taking to opening up council meeting for real public participation and getting away from the virtual approach that has limited how people can gather.

The Mayor appears to like going virtual – claims that citizens get more work out of her when things are virtual.

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7 comments to Councillor assures her constituents that her September ward meeting will be very safe – and a happy place as well

  • Penny Hersh

    For those residents who will be unable to attend the Ward 2 meeting will be live-streamed on Zoom.

    Here is the information needed.

    The meeting is being live streamed through Zoom to allow for Q&A within the platform.

    To request the livestream line please email

  • Mary Jenkins

    Can you clarify? Lisa does or does not want virtual? It’s a little confusing with how it was written.

    Editors note: Kearns believes it is time to begin moving away from a purely virtual model – with strict adherence to the safety protocols

  • B.Tuinman

    Sept 22 is the start of the Provinces new protocol, which calls for proof of vaccination and ID for indoor meetings.

  • Mozelle Cole

    I would not miss a live meeting. Councillor Kearns set this meeting up long before we were advised of another COVID-19 Town Hall virtual meeting. Those certainly don’t cost as much as having to rent a venue to accommodate people. Councillors have to pay for those rooms… I feel the City should have considered this before picking the same date for their virtual meeting.

  • Bonnie

    As a resident who often views the virtual council meetings, I am confused by the argument put forth by the Mayor and several council members, that it is not safe for them to return to city hall due to the increase in covid numbers. Yet, the Mayor and those same council members, appear to fully support a Christmas Market to be held in the downtown area in December. I appreciate the fact that this will be an outdoor event, but as I understand it from the presentation I viewed, the organizers are stating their target will be one thousand people.. Given that many of the folks attending the market, will then wander the surrounding area, looking for places to drink and dine, I believe that you will have some unmasked, nonvaccinated individuals attempting to enter restaurants and shops, causing unpleasant and unsafe situations for these establishment to handle. The suggestion has been made, that perhaps these businesses should hire private security firms but this obviously, will cut into any profits they may see from increased business.

    In my opinion, the Christmas Market should be put on hold for at least a year.

    To my original question ….why will the Mayor and several council members not meet with social distancing in the large council chambers,(stating it is ‘unsafe’ to do so) and yet support the plan to flood the downtown core with hundreds of additional folks around Christmas?

  • Penny Hersh

    I respect Councillor Kearns decision to move forward with her Ward 2 meeting. There are many things happening in Ward 2 that residents would like to discuss with their councillor.

    Information concerning Covid 19 is readily available through newspapers, magazines and news coverage on a daily and in some cases an hourly basis.

    At this point in time the question I ask? Is another “Town Hall call in on Covid 19 Matters” really relevant?

    • David Barker

      I wish Councilor Kerns would extend her meetings by a minimum of an additional hour. Generally half the meeting time is taken with the Councilor reciting all the previously published recent achievements or developments on issues in the ward. The meeting, which is very worthwhile would be even more so if residents had a longer time segment to ask their questions and grill the Councilor.