Councillor Nisan asks staff to dig out information that is already public - his first step in doing anything about the Nelson plans for a bigger quarry operation.

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September 10th, 2019



Some movement at city hall on the expected application to do more quarrying by Nelson Aggregates.

14a rendering of the lake 77acres

A decommissioned quarry site turned into a lake – 30 footballs fields in size.

The company has been very proactive and going to some lengths to get its story out – the ward Councillor appears to have forgotten that the job is to listen to all sides of an application.

We reached out to the Nelson Aggregate people and learned that they haven’t heard a ward from Councillor Nisan.

What the Councillor has done is ask his colleagues to support his Staff Direction for the following:

Direct the Director of City Building to report back to the Planning and Development Committee on the land use development application and review process related to the proposed Nelson Quarry expansion, including but not limited to the following:

• summary of the process including decision points;
• anticipated timelines for process steps;
• roles and responsibilities of review agencies;
• a summary of process and outcomes of the previous proposal for expansion; and
• a summary of any the new provincial legislation related to aggregate resources.

All that information is currently in the public domain – If Nisan wanted some additional depth the Deputy City Manager would have told him everything he would need to know and then some.

The Staff Direction move might just be some way of Nisan saying to his constituents: ‘I’m working for you’.

3 holdings

The Nelson offer is to turn all the land over to the city when they have completed the quarrying.

Council appears to have taken the position that they will talk to the quarry people when the site has been decommissioned. What Nelson Aggregates is required to do in the way of decommissioning is set out in their license, which the Gazette has made public.

rehab note

Note attached the one of the Nelson Aggregates licenses.

What Nelson is saying is that they have some unique ideas on what they can do with the site when they are finished that will determine just how they do the decommissioning – not whether or not they are going to do it.

Councillor Nisan will never know what they are thinking if he doesn’t talk to them.

He seems to be arming for a fight.

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