Councillor Sharman has found a debate he is comfortable attending; a private school in the ward.

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

October 8th, 2018



Sharman pointing LVP

Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman.

It appears that ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman has finally found a community level debate that he is comfortable attending.

Sharman declined to take part in debate that was organized by ECoB – engaged Citizens of Burlington because he didn’t know:

“Who are the directors of the incorporated ECOB entity? I understand the original participants have resigned.

“There has been no information about the ECOB “organization” on the website.

Full house 350

Ward 2 residents packed an ECoB debate.

“In the short history of ECOB there has been a continuous demonstration of divisiveness, disrespect of Council / City management, inflammatory misinformation and partisan posturing.

“I will not participate in any event sponsored by ECOB.

“I will post this message on all my public communications with respect to this event.”

If Sharman would do his homework he would know that ECoB held an event for anyone interested in becoming a candidate for a seat on city council or serving as a school board trustee.

The ECoB debate in ward 2 packed a local church.

Sharman at Waldorf ward 5 debate

He has announced that he will attend a debate that is being sponsored and hosted by the Halton Waldorf School in his ward.

The debate will take place on October 15th and be moderated by Halton District School Board trustee Amy Collard.

The Sharman logic is something to behold but at least the ward 5 residents will have an opportunity to hear what the council incumbent has to say.

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6 comments to Councillor Sharman has found a debate he is comfortable attending; a private school in the ward.

  • Monique

    can’t wait to hear the debate…as a long time Orchard resident and also a member of the Halton Waldorf School community, I look forward to a lively debate…thank you to the Halton Waldorf School for opening the doors to the community yet once again…

  • Roger

    Mr. Sharman will not get my vote – he had accomplished little for Ward 5 in his 8 years on council – I reviewed his deliveries – next to nothing for Ward 5 and little to what he is responsible for from my perspective – time for a fresh face

  • Charles Robert

    Paul will still get my vote, he has been active in the community regardless of what some would like to suggest. Paul is the only one qualified in the group of candidates. Paul understands the processes and realities of what Councillors can affect unlike the rest of the candidates, who were from my perspective at the ECoB was out of touch with the big picture.

  • Chris

    Paul won’t be getting my vote. So far only Mary Alice St. James has taken the time to talk with me and my neighbours. I want someone who is engaged, not a freeloader. I will trust what Mary says about Education, seeing as she was the Principal for Pineland.

  • Jim Young

    Looks like Paul has finally found a debate formula to his liking.
    One where he gets to pick the moderator, the format, probably the questions and no doubt the glib and supercilious answers he is famous for.
    A part of me would love to see the other ward 5 candidates boycott his debate as he so rudely did theirs.
    Fortunately for our local democracy, they will probably exhibit more class than he has managed so far.

  • Penny

    Interesting that Mr. Sharman has decided to hold this debate at the Halton Waldorf School when residents in this ward have gone to him and other members of Council to ask that the proposed Waldorf High School not be approved. There have been issues expressed by a group of Ward 5 residents surrounding the sale of the property to be demolished to accommodate this proposed new high school as well as concerns about traffic and parking.