Councillor uses a hybrid approach to meeting with constituents - seems to work quite well

By Pepper Parr

October 25th, 2021



Each member of Council finds their own way to meet with constituents.

When she is on a roll – Kearns is a dangerous lady with a microphone.

Lisa Kearns (ward 2) has the most active ward in the city, although the folks in Aldershot would differ with her on that.

She has broken the meeting mold that most members of Council are using and is now meeting with her constituents both virtually and live. She held her second hybrid meeting last week and found herself spending most of the two hours explaining what was happening on the development side of things.

It is hectic and it is complex.

Council decided recently to proceed with the hiring of about 15 additional planners who will be needed to cope with the development applications that have kept the planning department stretched to the limit.

Councillor Kearns suggested she might take constituents on a walking tour of the developments in her ward.

Kearns put together a map of where the development is taking place in her ward and the status of a number of those applications.

Brant Street is on the right hand side and Prospect is on the left side. Prospect curves around the development.

A pre-application from Camarro Developments for the proposed development at Brant and Prospect had already been appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal – it has been there for some time.

It took a number of questions to get the people giving the pre application presentation to say just how tall the building is going to be.

The plan is for 293 units with 275 parking spaces in the four underground parking levels.  61 – 3 bedroom; 100  – 2 bedroom, and 132  – 1  bedroom.

There will be retail at grade level.  It wasn’t clear just what would be in the 7 level podium.

During their presentation last week we got some detail on what is going to be a 31 storey structure with a seven level podium with 25 storey’s on top of the podium – which sets a new record for height in the city.

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