Cover eight art studios in a single day, get to parts of the city you might not have seen before.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  November 2, 2011

The Art in Action celebrates it’s 9th  all day event (10:00 am to 5:00 pm) showing the work of accomplished artisans who have gathered in eight different studios about the city where their work can be viewed and if you’re taken with something, purchased.

Art in Action is an Non Profit organization created to assists artists as entrepreneurs and help them become self-sustaining.  The organization does this by encouraging a social community for artists within Burlington and the surrounding area. It provides an opportunity for artists to engage the wider community, as well as to provide exposure for the artists within the  community.

A piece of stained glass done by Teresa Seaton, one of the artists showing on the weekend.

A segmented wooden bowl done by George Wilkinson

The organization does this by organizing and promoting a weekend event within the community where participants can showcase their skills and work to the public in their own studio locations. The organization invites artists living and working in the community and surrounding areas to participate in this event for an annual fee.

Art in Action was started nine years ago by Peter Rose who at the time had a Bed&Breakfast on Plains Rd.  Peter has since moved to the Maritime’s but his idea held and today there is an organization that serves as a showcase for some very talented artists.  Co-chair Teresa Seaton commented that “we work like dogs to get this event and it works for both the community and the artists.

During their busiest year there were 36 artists showing at 12 locations but MS Seaton explains the Board decided to cut that back to never more than ten locations. “There just wasn’t enough time for a person to get to all of the locations – so we are holding at ten each year.


Eight locations to visit.. All within a very short drive.

The event gives you a chance to see the art work and talk to the artists.  The location of the studios can be found on the map.

Studio 1 will feature George Wilkinson, Wood Turner, Cheryl Laakes, Fibre Artist,, Don Graves, Fine Artist, .

Studio 2 is where you will be able to see the work of: Edward Robin Hoyer, Fine Artist, Heather Moore, Painter , Jeweller,,  Kristina Kirkwood, Sculptor,

Studio 3 will show the work of Helen Griffiths,  Fine Artist,   Silvana Terry, Jeweller,, Teresa Seaton,  Stained Glass Artist, Don Dunnington, Photographer,

Studio 4 will feature photography done by Dan Jones, Fred Oliver and Glen Jones.

Studio 5 will feature Aubry Denomy, Sculptor,, and Nebojsa Jovanovic,  Fine Artist ,

Studio 6 will show the works of  Peter Schlotthauer , Artist Blacksmith,, Kristian Nesbitt, Printmaker,  Sue Gunter,  Painter / Jeweller ,

Studio 7 will feature Cheryl Miles Goldring,  Watercolourist,  905 632 1903.  Dave Lawson,  Photographer,  Julie Vanvugt,  Jeweller,, Tammy Hext, Fne Artist,,

Studio 8 will have work by Ian Cowling, Photographer –, Leanne Miller, Goldsmith,  Nancy McLean,  Fine Artist,, and Takanya Marsh, Textile Artist,

The weekend weather looks promising, the fall foliage has already delivered.  Map out your day and enjoy..


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