Critical decisions being made at city hall - staffing of the Mayor's office announcement was due today.

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December 6th, 2018



City hall is leaking like a sieve.

Leaking seive

City hall is leaking like a sieve.

Numerous trusted sources have touched base with the Gazette with tips on what is taking place in a building undergoing a radical change.

All three sources, who have passed along basically the same information, have demanded that we not publish and certainly not name them. We’ve been told that the tap will get turned off if we say too much.

Fear abounds – talk too much and your career may come to an end.

Reference is made to some of the positions in the Mayor’s office that are to be filled. Mayor Meed Ward did say earlier in the week that staffing announcements would be made soon.

Sources use the phrase “her comfort zone”.

Getting the right staff people in place is critical to a Mayor. The work is demanding and what is really vital is getting people who will, to use a phrase Meed Ward used often, put truth to power. Meed Ward needs people who will tell her what she may not want to hear.

A former staff assistant to Meed Ward when she was a member of council was thought to be a great fit – but something went wrong. That staffer left Meed Ward’s office and worked within the Clerk’s office and is now back as an assistant to a new Council member.


Pete Ward, the Mayor’s best mentor photographing Marianne Meed Ward when she was filing her 2014 nomination papers.

The Mayor told us during the inauguration, that her husband was her greatest mentor; he does have exceptional strategic skills.

What politicians have to work hard to insure is that they are not living inside a bubble where they hear what they want to hear and listen to people who may not have the strength to challenge them.

Meed Ward said all the right things the evening she was sworn in; the public loved it. The Gazette was impressed.

What we are hearing from people who seem to be part of the transition to a new regime is that there is some concern with the people being considered for staff rolls.

Former Council member John Taylor used to say: Stay tuned.

Stand By says the city motto - for how long one might ask?

Stand By says the city motto – for how long one might ask?

The Gazette might begin to use the city motto – Stand By.

Several of our sources are aghast at some of the Standing Committee chairmanships that have been made.

All seven members of Council got sworn in at the Regional level on Wednesday.  Half their income is from the Region.

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