Santa parade crowds were smaller. BTTB was out in force and the Ho ho man was smiling away.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON          December 3, 2012  The weather certainly wasn’t promising.  It has rained much of the morning but the people that make parades happen were determined and they apparently knew something most weren’t certain about – and that was that there wasn’t going to be any rain on the 2012 Santa Claus parade.  And except for a drop or two – there was no rain.

The trick was to find a place where all the chairs could be set up and have a clear line of sight. This family was working it out.

Burlington is just at the half way point with the United Way donations – short close to $1 million. Need to up our game.

The crowds were much smaller and except for a couple of snow men in the parade and a fat little snow man on the Sound of Music float blow bits of snow into the air, there were no signs of winter either.

Burlington Transit put their most festive bus into the parade. The language doesn’t matter – the message is still the same.

While the weather wasn’t great most people put up with it – these guys weren’t happy though – they were wet and they wanted to go home.

Burlingtonians are a hardy lot and they were out on the street, wrapped in blankets with plastic rain slickers at the ready and an umbrella just in case there was a down pour.

The parade started at the Burlington Mall, worked its way down Guelph Line to New Street then west along to Brant and north to Caroline.  Then home for hot chocolate.

They fill the street and they are Magnificent to look at – Burlington’s Teen Tour Band

The Toronto Maple Leafs put their traveling dressing room into the parade. For those who were around in 1967 – the float had some meaning.

The Salvation Army is there for the good times and during the hard times. The parade was one of the Good Times.

The M M Robinson high school band, good form, great discipline and a habit of rushing a crowd.

Miss Magnolia danced up a storm every step of the way.

The wind was getting the best of this Christmas clown but he held on.

Not a snow flake in the air to keep Mr. Snowman company.

They were young, they were energetic and they were all over the street – having a great time.

Saxophones added to the sound – it was jingle bells all the way!

You would want a glove on that right hand – the metal would be cold but the music was just fine.

McMaster University’s band wasn’t taking any chances – they all were plastic slickers. They’ve been through this kind of thing before.

We sometimes lose sight of what the Season is about. Did parents watching the floats pass by use the opportunity to spread the message?

Notre Dame Secondary Catholic school’s Fighting Irish were out in force with a festive look.

The Ho Ho Ho man himself. The commercial reason for the season.

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