Debate on the environment and climate change draws a respectable audience - full debate now online

By Pepper Parr

September 11th, 2021



You could almost feel the enthusiasm and the sense of accomplishment in the Hamilton Environment Network achievement – they put on five virtual debates – one in each of the ridings in the Halton Region.

Links to the five virtual debates were on the screen. All you had to do was click on the linage for the community you wanted and you got taken to the debate.

“We did it! On Wednesday, we hosted 5 virtual debates across Halton. These debates are part of the 100 Debates on the Environment initiative, a coordinated day of national non-partisan debates across the country, coordinated by our good friends at GreenPAC.”

The 100 debates refers to debates that took place elsewhere in Canada.

The debates were a little on the choppy side technically but when they worked – and they worked very well  for the most part viewers got to hear what candidates had to say about significant environmental issues.

What was disappointing was that not one of the five debates that matter to the people who live in Halton included a representative from the Conservative Party.

HEN went to considerable effort to include everyone – for reasons that were not given the Conservatives chose no to take part.

The people who did all the work to make the debates possible thanked everyone and made no comment on those that chose not to participate.  The Gazette is not that polite – shame on the Conservative Party for not speaking about the most pressing issue the community, this province, this country this world face.  They had an obligation to let the public hear what the individual candidates have to say.

Click HERE for the HEN YouTube channel – then click on the image for the debate you want to watch.

The public is still learning how to work with virtual events – one of the nice things about a recording of the debate is you can put it on pause.



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4 comments to Debate on the environment and climate change draws a respectable audience – full debate now online

  • Steve

    Or perhaps they understand that the biggest polluters on this planet… by a colossal margin… are never called to account, in a honest, and effective manner. So much talk about it, but never about the those who are actually destroying this planet.

  • Carol

    They only care about guns, not getting vaccinated and protecting their own personal wealth. I have been canvassing and this sadly is a reality. The American infection is increasingly apparent in Burlington.

  • Steve

    If it really is the most pressing matter then the Conservatives should come in dead last in this election. Right?