Decision on what will be done with Bateman HS property closer to being determined.

By Pepper Parr

November 15th, 2021



The Bateman High School looks like it is going to have a much different tenant make up in the near future.

Staff will be making a presentation to Council on Monday that has the Brock University Faculty of Education in the space as well as Tech Place and a branch of the Public Library.

A much different tenant mix will result if the plans under discussion actually work out.

The plans, which will get a fulsome discussion on Monday, include space the Board of Education will rent or retain and space for a community hub of some form.

The pool has always been city property.

The decision to close the school in 2017  was a blow to the community; the outcome has some pluses for a number of organizations.

More once the presentation is complete.

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4 comments to Decision on what will be done with Bateman HS property closer to being determined.

  • john

    We and many of our neighbours, wish the city had looked to the City of Oakville and the model of the Queen Elizabeth Community and Cultural Center. Yes, we agree the proposed model is certainly better than condos, but we believe the mayor and ward 5 council member in 2018, led the residents to believe this would be a huge plus for the residents in the east end. We believe with this model, community space will be very limited…not a win for the residents looking for community activities.

  • Bonnie

    As a resident of ward 5, I watched with interest, the presentation this morning on the city purchasing the Bateman H.S property. This property consists of approximately eleven acres with the current building standing on approximately six acres.

    Needless to say, being in campaign mode, the current Mayor and ward 5 council member appear to champion this huge purchase. I fear moving quickly, the taxpayers will be kept in the dark, as to the huge cost to purchase and renovate the property.

    As I understand it, we are looking at a significant increase in property taxes for the upcoming year and as I drive along Harvester Rd, and other parts of the city, I can’t help but notice the ‘for lease’ signs’ which indicate to me, that companies are leaving Burlington for various reasons. As companies leave, so does their tax input into the city funds. Having watched the budget presentations, early in the month, it became apparent that the city does not have huge surplus of funds.

    Residents certainly need to ask more question, before this multi million dollar purchase becomes a reality.

  • Sharon

    This amazes me!! Wasn’t this idea suggested at the PARC 4 years ago? Trustees didn’t want to listen. And now all of a sudden it’s a workable. HDSB should keep in mind some of us have not forgotten!!

  • Ted Gamble

    retrofit into afgfordable housing