Detour for Transit Route 4 – Sept. 29 to Oct. 1

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September 28th, 2020


Our apologies for the delay in getting this transit information to you.  The city sent it out during the day rather than a few days before hand.

Detour for Transit Route 4 – Sept. 29 to Oct. 1

Detour Area: Rexway Dr.

Detour Dates: Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2020

Detoured Routes:

Transit route 4 Sept 29+• Route 4 will travel along Cumberland Ave. and New St. while Rexway Dr. is closed.

Stops not in service:
• 151 and 152 – Rexway Dr. at Cumberland Ave.
• 178 and 180 – Rexway Dr. at Woodview Rd.
• 189 – Rexway Dr. at Rexway Crt.
• 194 – Rexway Dr. at Thornwood Ave.
• 209 and 212 – Rexway Dr. at Walkers Line
• 201 and 203 – 514 Walkers Line (Serviced by Route 25)
• 193 – 476 Walkers Line (Serviced by Route 25)
• 190 – Walkers Line at New St. (Serviced by Route 25)

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1 comment to Detour for Transit Route 4 – Sept. 29 to Oct. 1

  • Late notifications seems to be an ongoing issue with the City. One of the delegates at Council on Septemvber 28, 2020 speaking to Advisory Committees raised the issue of the Council Agenda not being posted in enough time to review important matters on the agenda in his delegation which centred around lack of public engagement with regard to the status of City Advisory Comittees – there was a staff report on the subject posted with the Agenda well after the normal time for such. . He made many valid points and is worth listening to. He was the last of four delegations, We registered to raise several similar public engagement issues some of them related to statutory public meetings and asked to be contacted by phone with the phone in information for joining the meeting as we do not have the means to attend the live webcast meeting and receive emails (We have text and talk phones only). The City failed to contact us by phone and claimed we failed to join the meeting and, therefore, our two delegations were not heard.!. This follows the City changing our email address to one that did not exist when responding to all the LPAT UGC/OP/Zongoing By-law appellants leaving us out of the loop on an important part of the LPAT appeals associated with the Better Life appeal associated with an application to provide new and more LTC spaces in Burlington.