Developer proposing 59 storey tower in Stoney Creek - is that a number coming our way?

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February 12th, 2019



Those who want a simpler, smaller more cohesive community might shudder just a bit when they learn of the three towers that New Horizons want to build in Stoney Creek.

Proposed for a site that will have three towers – 59, 54 and 48 storeys, respectively, on Frances Avenue near Green Road overlooking Lake Ontario

New Horison - Hamilton towers 3The massive development could add 1,836 units to the neighbourhood between the water and the QEW.

Burlington residents might begin to feel they are lucky that developments in this city will be at the mid twenty storey level.

New Horizons is the developer building the Bridgewater condominium site on Lakeshore Road at Elizabeth.  Completion date is not known – the topping off appears to be done.

The tallest structure in the three unit development is 22 storeys which is made up of two condominiums and a four star Marriott Hotel.

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3 comments to Developer proposing 59 storey tower in Stoney Creek – is that a number coming our way?

  • Stephen White

    Beyond ridiculous bordering on utter insanity!

    The developer might want to consider providing onsite paramedics because if residents experience a heart attack or medical emergency in their suite on the 59th floor they’ll likely be dead by the time help arrives. The Mayor of Hamilton might also want to put monies in next year’s municipal budget for additional fire suppression equipment because if there is ever a disaster it could be a huge challenge getting a handle on a fire in this complex.

    Funny how disaster recovery and business continuity planning never factor into development considerations.

  • Jim Ridley

    It’s not pretty is it? Presumably it would be visible for kms. Personally I do think that this is the better of two evils. Our rapidly increasing population will not be changing any time soon and we need more homes.

    On balance, I would take this model over unfettered urban sprawl. A paved over southern Ontario is a much worse option IMHO.

    So lets have responsible input from residents but let us carefully consider our few options.

    • Ken

      I’m not sure it would be visible for Kilometres since the CN tower is 3X higher. That said I hardly “see” where the planning precedent would come from. (Yaaa–it’d be too damn high)

      As a point of information the forecast for population growth is actually 2% compounded per annum. This is still a huge challenge for infrastructure. Canadian is the World’ second largest land mass so lets not assume we are running out of land to develop. What we are in short supply of is land accessible via transit.

      Currently, our options are “densification” and a grind down of our quality of life or crazy urban sprawl where commutes become longer and less efficient. I suggest a third solution is rail lines in advance of green field development with a proper and balanced mixed of housing stock and amenities. There’s no cheap or easy solution only pro’s and con’s.