Did the Mayor impress upon the Premier that he was to leave the Escarpment just as it is?

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December 16th, 2018



The Premier came to town last week – to celebrate the renovation – rebuild of the Joseph Brant Hospital and get his picture in the local paper and the TV news.

Mayor Meed Ward and Premier - Dec 2018

Was the Mayor laughing with him ? Meed Ward meets the Premier at a hospital event,

The Gazette did ask Mayor Meed Ward if she would be showing the Premier the view of the Escarpment from one of the north side rooms in the new Michael Lee Chin wing of the hospital.

We didn’t get a response.

The city is more than just the Escarpment to the north and the lake to the south. It is the people in between that determine who we really are. And it takes more than a magazine saying we are the #2 city in the country doesn't make it so.

The Mayor and the people of Burlington want the province to leave the Escarpment as it is. Did the Mayor take advantage of the opportunity to button hole the Premier at an event at the hospital last week and make sure he understood what we wanted?

Our hope was that she would share the view with the Premier and then politely tell him that both she and the people of Burlington wanted to Premier to keep his mitts of that land and that we are happy with just the way it is – no development north of the Hwy 407 – Dundas Road border.

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1 comment to Did the Mayor impress upon the Premier that he was to leave the Escarpment just as it is?

  • Stu Parr

    Well perhaps she did. As reported in the Star today “Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward says she doesn’t see her city using Bill 66 if it’s passed. “We will not be comprising their safety or quality of life for speed,” she said about the legislation that could open the Greenbelt for development. “At the same time, we’ll do everything we can to ensure Burlington is open for business.” A good quote which has been repeated many times over the last week. It would be better however if she would commit to not “compromise” safety and quality of life. Good to see that her communications staff are on the job.